(Silvia Sam) #1

Hi friends. I’m Silvia Sam. I’m new in this site. I hope this is really exciting foe me…:slight_smile:

(osbrook) #2

Welcome to the group.

(Peter Waller) #3

Hi Silvia,
If a bit of an EV enthusiast there cant be a better site ! …Do you have a EV or planning to get one ?
Hope you enjoy your decision…

(Robin ) #4

@James hey i would like to thank you guys for the add, i Have just purchased a new Nissan leaf but use to have a Twizy called Buzz (Not got a name for the Leaf yet) i have a battery pack if anyone wanted to buy it for Buzz.


(osbrook) #5

Interesting how much - love to replace mine.

(Robin ) #6

I was looking for about £1750.00