iPace Tour (Goodwood, Millbrook etc). Spaces limited


(James Cook) #1

If you fancy a drive of the iPace on a test track, get signing up. Various dates and spaces are limited. I expect these to go fast.

(Barry) #2

All slots at Goodwood are now sold out :frowning:

(James Cook) #3

Yep, I think you probably needed to be very quick on that one. I reserved tickets as soon as I received the email.

Have you tried Millbrook? The track there is awesome if you ever get a chance.


Thanks for posting this! I booked mine the other day!!! Round Knockhill. Can’t wait!

(James Cook) #5

No worries, be good to hear how it goes as I think you’ll get to take it round a track. I think those at Goodwood only get to drive it on normal roads apparently.


I’ll let you know!

(Barry) #7

Nice, got my booking for Millbrook :grinning:

(Barry) #8

Thought the Gods were against me today on my way to Millbrook.
Pouring rain when I started off this morning.
Major accident on the M25 near the A1081 turn off, stuck stationary traffic for half an hour.
Shortly after that, I had a puncture,
Arrived at Millbrook, found out no photographs allowed, they put security stickers all over our camera phone lenses.
On the good side, weather brightened up.
Did the cone challenge and the Alpine Route.
Then a gut-churning course with one of their race drivers putting the i-Pace through its paces. Sticks to the road like you know what.
Then drove it around the Oval Track at 100mph+.
Had the good fortune to be paired up with a Portugese guy on the public road test drive, he works for Jaguar and came with two of his colleagues for the i-Pace experience.
Fantastic day out, highly recommend it to anybody when they do another Jaguar Experience day. :grin::grin::grin:

(James Cook) #9

Glad you eventually got there! Shame about the lack of photographs, think that must be a Millbrook thing as no such rules at Goodwood.