Just bought an electric Smart


(Gary) #23

Hi James. Expecting to pick up my new Smart EQ Cab around the start of March. I’m currently in a rabbit hole looking at all the home charging options…have you gone down this route or do you charge overnight from a standard home socket? I have a garage which has power to it but not sure if it can be upgraded (?) to a more powerful home charger. If there’s a specific thread on this please feel free to redirect me. Cheers, Gary

(James Cook) #24


I have a 7kw home charge point, it’s perfect for the Smart.

I opted for the Chargemaster homecharge unit. Seeing as you get a huge discount when you buy an EV it seems like a no brainer to get one installed, especially as you have power running to the garage!

If you get in touch with any of the home charge point companies they should be able to advise you.


If you have (or intend to install) solar panels, I’d strongly recommend the ‘Zappi’ charging station made by https://myenergi.uk. They also have a 3-phase 11lW/22kW version coming later on.