Just bought an electric Smart



My app didn’t work initially but I contacted my dealer who helped me out. It was something they had to fix their end from what I can remember.

(John Wilson) #44

Thanks James, I’ll get back to Mercedes to see if the will help this time.

(Sue) #45

My car has now arrived. I managed to negotiate a lower price as it had taken 10 months from order. The cash price is £16,185 for a Smart EQ ForTwo premium plus 22kw with winter pack. Hope this is a good deal?!


I’ve had my Smart EQ Fortwo Premium Plus 22kw cabrio with winter pack for a couple of weeks now and I love it. I do not have a home charger fitted yet but charging on my normal 240v socket seems good enough as I charge over night (I’m not even sure if I’ll bother to get one fitted).

In the fairly mild weather (around 16c) I was getting an indicated 88 - 90 mile range when fully charged so I did a few test runs and some maths and this is what I found:-

  • Mainly motorway miles with light rain, average speed = 33 mph possible distance 77 miles
  • London City and fast-ish roads (North circular), average speed = 22 mph possible distance 90 miles
  • London city only, average speed =12 mph possible distance 106 miles

This is what I would have liked to know when I was researching if this car would work for me.

(John Wilson) #47

I ordered a Smart ForFour EQ in Cadmium Red back in February 2019 and took delivery in July. Love the car, good road holding, ideal for shopping and short runs, but have had problems with Pod-Point as I wanted a wall charger at home, which was finally fitted on the 28/10/19. Trouble is, the chap employed to fit the charger couldn’t (after 6 hours. of what should have been a 3 hour job) get it to log onto my WiFi network, so I can’t access the preheat via my smart App. The App wont now work on my 13 amp socket charger either, which it did OK before the fitter plugged the Pod-Point into my car. Just had an email from Pod-Point to say they are very busy and will get in touch when able. Not confidence building.
All though a 4 seater, the two back seats are more for kids or VERY small adults. Tons of room in the front and I would recommend it to anyone that does a short commute or for shopping. The cold weather has brought the Eco range down from 100 miles in the summer to 90 miles currently, which is fine for my needs. Incidentally I’m 78 and 6’ 2" if anybody is interested.


@john bit confused by this.

The Smart app talks directly to the vehicle (the vehicle has a sim card in it), nothing to do with what charge point you’re using or whether the charge point is connected to your home wifi. Unless I’ve misunderstood your post?

(John Wilson) #49

Hi James, The Pod-Point, like all new home chargers, is smart and can talk to a smart meter for tariff info and the car to control start and finish times for charging and preheating etcetera. The App talks to the car and can set charging times via a charge point. The App can only set charging times via the charger but not the 13 amp charger. When the 13 amp charger is in use, you can only preheat/cool the car in 5 min bursts.
The App also receives updates from Mercedes and the car as regards state of charge etcetera,it now isn’t working. I haven’t had an update from the App since the morning of the 25th, so I conclude that plugging the Pod-Point into the car has done something to the link with the car.