Just crashed... dam you sticking throttle!

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Leaving a roundabout, throttle stuck open causing me to have to correct ss the car slid out, but couldn’t brake and steer as the accelerator pushed me on into a lamp post… Slight offset crash, no airbag went off. Damaged the front roll bar mount and near side front wheel damaged and at an odd angle to the car body… Bruised my shin and my knee aches but otherwise ok. Now wait for recovery.


Please read through this thread and other similar threads on this site. We have discovered that a number of Twizy owners on our forum are experiencing a very dangerous and serious issue with the throttle on their Twizys.

It appears that in cold/wet/damp weather, the accelerator pedal is becoming ‘stuck’. In other words, when you take your foot off the pedal, it stays where it is, fully pressed down and the Twizy accelerates on its own.

Some of our members have reported that pressing the brake does not cause the throttle to cut out. This is a very dangerous fault, and as you can see, one of our members has already crashed his Twizy because of this issue.

Please get in contact with us on this forum regarding this issue as firstly we need to fix the problematic Twizys and secondly we need to make sure that Renault accept liability for this members crash.

We would like to get this matter dealt with as swiftly as possible by Renault before the unthinkable happens.

Thank You


Ahhhh no!! I feel a watchdog complaint coming on. Glad you’re ok. Let us know how it all goes.

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Sorry to hear this-it was bound to happen eventually. As you know, it nearly happened to me, but I just managed to avoid the opposing car, after I had sent mine in for recall and they had sent it back without changing the throttle (“not in the number range for recall swap”)-only contacting Renault UK got it changed after this event occurred again.

I worry about publicity of this as values will be hit.

Damn. Hope you are ok.

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Urg. If my crash is anything to go by, you’re likely to require a new chassis… :frowning: Good luck.

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Glad you are ok, mine was really bad today as it happens, I actually thought " I shouldnt be driving this". Hope Renault acts on this quickly.

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Sorry to hear this Roger, after experiencing the same with two throttles it’s sadly no surprise and that’s why I got mine transported for first fix as I considered it dangerous. I think Renault really have to act responsibly on this as much worse will happen to someone somewhere soon-I hate to think. In any event hope you’re back on the road soon and wish you well.

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Sorry to hear about the crash. Hope you are all right and not too shaken.
Having been lucky enough not to have had a sticky throttle yet, I do have a question.

If the throttle is stuck on and you have time does putting the car in neutral stop the drive or is this not possible without releasing the throttle?

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This is a dangerous statement, as it means you know you are driving a faulty car and could put you at risk of being charged with Dangerous driving and invalid insurance if involved in an accident.

Let us know if you want the postings removed.

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You can cancel it by braking hard-the electronics cut the power when you brake, disabling the throttle.
What happens though is that it catches you out in a crucial moment;

For me it was lifting off the throttle to brake and it sped up unexpectedly giving me less space to avoid an accident-so I nearly hit the opposing car. My throttle has now been replaced and it seems fine.

For Roger it looks like it unbalanced the car when easing off the throttle at a crucial time, but he had no chance to recover it.

If you know it is going to stick, you can cancel it with the brake, but it is when it catches you randomly :’(

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My throttle had stuck previously but nothing that I thought was going to be a risk… I had had no further issues recently.My wife who rarely uses the Twizy drove the car with no faults and she had no issues with the accelorated which confirmed it was weather related perhaps. I had had no issues in the last few weeks except for my indicators have failed completely, where I used to get them going. Anyway, used the Renault service for recovery. Made certain that it was a specific mechanical fault that caused my crash, ans unfortunate that I hit the lamp post. I have informed my insurer who will look into this also.

I can’t seem to upload some pics of the damage as the upload tool doesn’t seem to want to work.

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When I recognised that the throttle had stuck through the car starting to slide into oversteer, jumping onto the brake still indicated that I had the power on at the first bar of the accelerometer gauge, the regen did not kick in either. Tyres hadn’t enough grip going as I had turned into the corner and was using the regen to scrub speed. The throttle stayed open as I turned in. This unbalanced the car and pushed it into an oversteer. I then tried to correct the slide whilst trying to brake hard as I was running out of road space. The throttle was still indicating as being ‘on’ by 1/3rd on impact, even under braking.

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Perhaps there is a difference in programming depending on which month it was built or what updates it has had?

I know there is a difference in how long the fan motor stays on between different cars, but it may be that when mine went in for the pedal recall they updated my software, even if they did not change the pedal until after it happened again?

Glad you’re ok, what a nuisance though.
I would say that as there is a recall for this issue and you had not been notified and have had an accident caused by the known fault that you are entitled to a repair through Renault-worth pursuing.

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Pretty sure my car still keeps driving when the brakes are on, unfortunately I imagine your insurance company will put it down to driver error , and you will loose your Ncb :frowning:

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Maybe as said the software on mine was updated?

If it was me, I would ring R UK and tell them the situation in view of the recalls, and invite them to inspect it and then ask if they will repair it through goodwill without admitting liability.
A wheel and a few bits will not cost them much, but will be a pricey insurance claim.

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How awful for you Roger! That must have been very scary. This is not exactly filling me with confidence as a prospective buyer!! Hope it’s not long until you’re safely back in your Twizy

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I had a similar moment that same day, only my throttle is definitely non-stick, I took a corner fairly quickly but under the damp conditions I could feel that familiar understeer, releasing the throttle alone was enough to cure the problem, the regen braking at the back naturally shifting the weight to the front wheels and keeping the car on its intended route. Part of the thrill of driving the Twizy is the precise response the motor gives you compared to combustion engines that will lurch and slide the car off balance if you dont get the revs and the gears exactly right. If my Twizy had reacted any differently, such as a moments more throttle, there is no way I could have reacted in time to get out of my situation. Sticky throttle definitely played a part in your crash.

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Insurance have been excellent. They will wait for a vehicle report before processing my claim as it is now with Renault Toomey Basildon. I will het them to assess the car and hope that they accept the fault was mechanical and do the decent thing. Neck hurts now.


Hopefully they accept responsibility. If they don’t we will cross that bridge when we come to it. You obviously have the backing of everyone here, and there are posts on this site from some time ago complaining of problems with the throttle.

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Coming from an owner that has not Yet experienced a sticking throttle (Touchwood) what are the symptoms?
For example, if the throttle sticks can you manually pull the pedal back up to release it?
Just want to know in case the worse happens…


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Up till now, I have found that mine releases itself if I give it a sharp full throttle “stab” obviously not always possible.
The other day I was having to lift it up with my foot.