Kalimera from Athens Greece

(Alex) #181

Looks gorgeous but old? She looks tiny for a colley…,


Hans - the first cat trainer! If you succeed please take a photo :smile_cat:
Alex, she’s a Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog) like a Rough Collie but much smaller.

(Roel) #183

@ALEXAKOS please keep us (me) updated on your fender making process. I am on the brink of doing that myself. Longing for a means to use some of the original fenders and fender holders to go over the 175 and 195 tires…

(Alex) #184

Will do.:wink:

(Alex) #185

Played around with fender alternatives.
Unfortunately a bit too big on the radius…

But for bigger wheels a good idea.

(Alex) #186

Front looks horrid

Roel, this would be the only fender you could use on yours… But unfortunately they would not fit under the front:(

(Roel) #187

Alex, thanks for the hint. I doubt that my wheels are so much bigger. And yes on the ront there is no room between the fender and the body anymore. It is a pity!

BTW your Twizy now faguely reminds me of Feldwebel Schultz :grin:

(Alex) #188

Hahaha nutty!

Those are trailer fenders they cost 30 euros each here;)
You should get them cheaper there cause they seem to be made in germany. Problem is they are galvanized so painting them is a bit of a fuss. Unless you have them wrapped.

I can provide you with stainless fender supports that I make;)

(Alex) #189

Whent and fix something stupid today… But fun as hell!!

Exchanged my very small radius rear tires with larger ones…

Much larger ones

Somebody was giving them away for free so I took the chance to use those as attest phase

These are 225/50/15 as opposed to the 165/45 before

The result is much softer ride but the fun factor increased as I have a much higher drift play!!

Oh so much fun!!

I’ll paint the tyre letters white for dragster look hahaha
These are summer time tires as they are 2006 make and not safe for a rainy day,

(Alex) #190


(Peter Szczesiak) #191

You are mad Alex!! But it does look mean:smiling_imp:

(Martin Lynch) #192

Not Mad Max but Mad aLEX !!!

(EricLafoy) #193

You are really Mad Alex but the look of your machine is Diabolical… can’t wait to see the drift video on YouTube :grin:

(Alex) #194

Scheduled to film this WE!!

(Alex) #195

Allow me to congratulate the British for their sign of courage stepping above the terroristic tendencies spoken by people who tried to convince you exiting the EU would be catastrophic!!

You LADS HAVE SHOWN YOUR BALLS to every EU lobbyist, fat politician and major banking institution.

I hope your government will take your order and fulfill it. Our government took our NO referendum and acted like it nver happened.

Believe you me, you have a strong currency and it WILL GROW SRONGER very soon.

Hats off to ya UK;)

(Roel) #196

I changed my reaction. Who am I to judge the quality of choices made by people of a country I am not living in.

(Martin Lynch) #197

Thank you Alex. Now let’s see if there is anyone in our government that can actually take us forward and make us stronger.

(Alex) #198

Firstly hope the government takes the vote outcome seriously.

Our government canceled the referendum outcome and proceded as they chose fit.

(Peter Szczesiak) #199

Thank you Alex I voted out and I am glad others did the same. We discussed this the other week and I googled your remarks about Greece and was horrified to say the least.
I an having a couple of days in Athens in November so will see it all first hand

(Alex) #200

Aces!! Let me know so we can meet for a brew and you can drive the pimped Greek Twizy:)