Kalimera from Athens Greece


Thanks Alex. There are some comments that the oldies (I’m one) have now ruined the future for the young. No. They now have the independence and opportunity to get the best out of Europe (and the rest of the world). My advice to them - get on with it , get involved.

(Alex) #202

I group efforts only the weak benefit. The U.K. Is far from weak.

(Peter Szczesiak) #203

We will be there the 13th and 14th of November then on to Rome on the 15th as long as weather is good it will be a nice break and I look forward to meeting you


(Alex) #204

Great peter! Me too.
I’ll come by with my t so you can have a spin:))

(Alex) #205

Had a good laugh today… NOT

Was working on the rear brakes on my Goldwing 1500 cause it was stuck.

A GOLDWING is like a Twizy, a big fat plastic two seater but way way better built. Or so I thought…

Removing the rear caliper

I though to my self… I have seen this shit before!!!

Yeah… Left piston Twizy, right Goldwing!
Just 3 mm taller…
Even the seals are exactly the same

Absolutely to difference.

So I now making Goldwing stainless Pistons :sunglasses:

(Alex) #206

This is what a rusty set of Pistons look like on a Goldwing.

But that takes up to 20 years to look like that…

Then again you barely go on rides with your motorcycle when it rains…

(Peter Szczesiak) #207

My friend Lawson makes a very good living repairing bike brakes he looked at my Twizy and laughed when he saw the brakes!!

(Alex) #208

Did a few things today…,
Winter is around the corner and rain will get me wet. So I ordered parts to create my delorean windows and carbon look fenders.

Today I created the stainless frame for the fenders.

Parts I had made

Curved base on which the aluminum fender will be riveted on

More in a couple days

Done for now…

(Alex) #209

did some fender work today:

(Alex) #210

also got all parts to make my opening De Lorean windows

(Alex) #211

Next, carbon wrapping

(Paul Chapman) #212

Look forward to seeing the finished pics

(Alex) #213


(Alex) #214


That looks really cool! :thumbsup:

(Paul Chapman) #216

I like that a lot


@ALEXAKOS hey Alex, hope your move to Germany is going/went well. When you have a minute, can you let me know how you took the doors off? I lost a clip somewhere in the front of the door and can’t figure out how to take it apart. Danke!

(Alex) #218

you have to fully remove the door to be able to relase it fully.
then make sure you have unscrewed all little screws around and inside the door (mirror place)


Hi Alex, glad to find a twizy owner in Greece. I am flirting with the idea of buying a used one, actually there is only one on the yellow pages here in Greece. Could you help a little bit with your experience? The one I have found, the car dealer that sells it, he says the battery is included, so I will own the battery as well.

(osbrook) #220

@Nicolas you may find that @ALEXAKOS has moved countries. The post you are replying too is 3 years old.