Kalimera from Athens Greece

(askho) #21

Any chance of you showing a video of your remote opening door. Thanks.

(Alex) #22

Don’t have the module installed yet but here are two videos I made for the German forum of the stronger struts!
13 people already over there are getting a replacement for me

Plain door

With window weight and then some


(Alex) #23

Just added my decals … After having removed those yucky orange Twizy color decals

(Paul Chapman) #24

Thanks for sharing - really enjoying watching this progress

If you fancy a trip to the UK to do mine after let me know! :grinning:

(Alex) #25

If you supply the pints I’m there :slight_smile:

(Håkon) #26

Can you take a picture to show the door without the orange decals? Im thinking of doing the same…

(Alex) #27

Don’t think! Just do it!!!

Women liked the funky orange… But they haven’t seen what I am up to …

Pardon the mess… Still working on it

(Alex) #28

Bought my self an electric car to avoid oil leaks…

Couldn’t see the draining spot

Where is that leak from??

Looked around but spotted nothing

(Alex) #29

While I am at it, changes gear oil

One feeder syringe from the pharmacy
Mobilube oil
Half cut water bottle

Since I got 200ml spare

I inserted that

To wash the gears
Turned the wheel a few times

Drained it again.
Still some residue coming out

Inserted the fresh 800 ml [/quote]

(Alex) #30

Next, brake fluid and calipers
Old fluid out

Inserted few Mls fresh to flush the piping. Sealed the endings with bags

Cleaned calipers

Measured (will be making stainless steel ones)

Cleaned all friction particles

(Those should be stainless as well. The pages don’t slip on those guides at all)

Btw who mentioned the front calipers lacking of seals??? Mine have two

Little color and back on

(Alex) #31

Finally installed the spacers

And drilled the wheels to apply the bolts

(Alex) #32

This little piggy whent… BAD!!

(askho) #33

Those wheels look wicked. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

(Alex) #34

Cheers mate. Still gave some electrical upgrades dibs you Wednesday and then create fenders for those wheels. I’ll be making my own out of polyester.

Now I get MORE LIKES FROM MEN. Before it was just kids and women.

No more getting frowned upon! Hahahaha

(Alex) #35

Bye… It’s a bit harder now but no more bouncing around on those 80mm tall stock tyres!

(Innocent ) #36

You’ve done a marvellous job, can’t wait to get my Twizy. Gonna make it look mean as hell. (:

(Alex) #37

Ain’t done yet;) watchthis space. It will get better

(Innocent ) #38

Amazing watching your progress with the Twizy. Such a cool project to be working on and then some. Personally I can’t wait to see the final result, I think a lot of people in this forum feel exactly the same. Keep delighting us with your amazing work! (:smile:

(Alex) #39

I sure hope I am putting on a good show. I promised James an image rich n detailed progress:)

(Alex) #40

Sick n tired of that plastic dirt look

My T may look bad ass outside … But it’s all green inside!
190% green

Really good looking lawn thick and soft. With holes to let the water drain out.

Shuts the steering hole reducing air draft… And reduces ground body noise

Available to order!!!