Kalimera from Athens Greece

(askho) #41

I think I will give it a miss as rain does get inside the Twizy, and if the grass grow too long I will have to mow it. :anguished: :anguished:

(Igor) #42

Hi Alex!
Great job!
Could you kindly write a part number of 80kg struts, please!
Best regards, Igor

(Alex) #43

Sorry no part number available. I have em custom made. If you like a set you can order them with me. 13 of this going to the German Twizy forum this week.

Yeah I had that line coming didn’t I? Haha

(Alex) #44

Fun Continues
Carbon Logos

Laguna / Megane Exchange

(askho) #45

The logo looks goooooood !!
Where did the steering wheel come from? No problem with the airbag when swapping?

(Alex) #46

eBay, off a Laguna

Airbag needs slight mod in the back.

Awesome is I will connect horn, gears and sound to those buttons

(Innocent ) #47

Totally feeling the carbon on the Renault badge! The steering wheel too. Any plans for a London visit with Twizy? Got my video camera and lights ready and waiting for you. (:

(Alex) #48

Hahaha nutty!
I’m not done yet mate;) still have mods in line.

Cheers for the kudos

(Alex) #49

Fascination in the Detail
Renault Sport Logo Felgen Deckel gemacht

To Match the door Twizy Sport Logo

(Emma) #50

Nice carbon logos!!

(Alex) #51

Thank you Emma.
Anyone wants their logos done in carbon, it’s 42GBP per set plus 8GBP shippibg. But you will have to unclip and send them to me.

They come off quite easily. But you need to remove them from their rear side

(kEbV) #52

Absolutely loving the work you’re doing and the way you are simply turning your ideas into reality!
I have a few ideas which I will eventually get round to doing.
On the topic of carbon logo (really like that too btw!), have you seen the carbon effect Z.E. letters for the charging flap? I got mine from the Ministromer site. Subtle but nice touch.

Keep up the good work and the detailed updates too!

(Alex) #53

Hey Ashton!
I make those too in many colors. Tried silver but I think I’ll go with an orange one since my roof is orange.

Unfortunately the charging flap is a similar color to the carbon and I get the felling that its not too big of a contrast to show. Am I right?

Have you seen my TWIZY SPORT decals? Now those are awesome!! :slight_smile: Took the twizy on another level.

Cheers for the kudos. Keep an eye on this thread as there is more to come.

(Alex) #54

Today I received Kenneth’s powerbox!!!
I gotta hand it to him. Haven’t tested it yet, but he sure delivers a very nicely packaged product!

Also installed an alarm system with remote opening doors

Love the Blue led hidden in the Renault Logo

(Paul Chapman) #55

Sounds cool, how easy are the remote doors to fit?

(Alex) #56

IF you know some electronics and your struts are fit to lift the doors, it’s easy and fun
I am not good with that stuff so i have it made.

Here my electricians post

(Alex) #57

I should soon be offering you a plug and play alarm / door opening module set. Just plug in, install actuators on doors and done!!

Today mine was installed along with sound system and LEDs

(Subevo) #58

Nice work.
I mentioned there were no seals in brake caliper.i meant rubber bellow outer seals which on other cars keeps the Pistons super clean. I had the same thoughts to make new Pistons from stainless steel.good idea.

Keep up the good work.

(Alex) #59

Right! Dust boots then;)
Okay. Well the main issue is not so much the dust but the rust.
I noticed on mine the cylinder has minimal corrosion on the upper level that is mostly outside the caliper housing.

That minimal corrosion does not allow the cylinder tho slide back into the caliper.

That is exactly where it hangs

I shaved those corrosions off and the front calipers are now much better with absolutely to hushing sound when rolling.

Ofcourse that is a temp fix. Stainless to be made

(Subevo) #60

Yes dust boots.i forgot that’s what their called.here in Scotland it rains a lot which makes things worse.all the crap from the road gets thrown onto calipers.

When my calipers were sticking even if I cleaned the outer piston it did not help .
In the end I had to remove piston then remove outer seal and clean groove that the seal sits in.as dirt somehow managed to get behind seal which made seal a tighter fit around piston and made it too hard to retract .this cured one side the other side I had to remove hydraulic seal also and clean out groove.

Once I done above brakes were like new again.