Kalimera from Athens Greece

(Alex) #61

Interesting facts… Ill check to make a small incision on the new calipers for a dust boot instalation :smile:

(Alex) #62

I got an asnwer to that,
If your brace cylinder is absolutrely smooth, the pressure seal wont leave any dust to get behind it.
So, an uneven (corroded) cylinder gives way to dirt.

Am I right or am I right?>
But a pressure seal is also needed to be replaced


(Alex) #63

Further electronics…
Bought those cheap bendable eBay led strips and replaced the interior with better quality, higher output led stop to create day lights:)

The added a pioneer audio system by extending the face plate to the upper right conrner with an extension band cable.

(osbrook) #64

Impressive work. You really enjoy all this. but where do you find the time!!!

(Alex) #65

I’m unemployed mate:(

(osbrook) #66

Sorry to hear that, you shouldn’t be unemployed with all your skills. I assume it’s just the state of play in Greece at the present time. All the best.

(Paul Chapman) #67

Impressive stuff, I really like the lights

(Martin Lynch) #68

Alex - have you got the URL for the LED strips? That looks a great idea!

(Alex) #69

I got this ebay item number 181701418117
They are 45cm long but try to find something in the 35-40cm range. Mine were too long

(Martin Lynch) #70

Excellent, found some on Amazon with UK shipping and you can cut them down to any size. Thank you for the information!

(Paul Chapman) #71

Whats the link Martin? thanks

(Martin Lynch) #72

Here it is: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00Y2IO3R2?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00

Cheap too at only £10.79GBP inc VAT.

(Alex) #73

CHEAP is the key!!

First off these 60 Cm are way too long!~ Second, those will break very easily upon installation and you will have a half lit bar.

Just remove the internal strip and replace it with another led strip of higher brightness from a local electricians store.
Unless you want the flashers effect. There you are stuck with that,

(Martin Lynch) #74

Okay Alex - you can cut them to any length. Are brighter LED’s available? I use Dragon LED’s on my Mazda MX5 and they are so bright they almost blind you when looking straight on at them but they are separate units and very powerful.

(Alex) #75

there are always brighter ones available but not stock… I exchanged mine;)

(Alex) #76

Almost done guys…
Led reverse lamp

Rear view cam

Still need fenders, sills and Delorean windows…
Doors now open per remote control:))

(askho) #77

It looks good without the front wheel arches. Is it legal? I wonder how much dirt it will kick up though.

(osbrook) #78

Not legal in the Uk even the rear ones would get you stopped. But the picture isn’t from the UK.

(Alex) #79

It’s legal here cause it’s is registered as a quad.
But I don’t like it like that and I can can’t drive on wet roads like that. Too much spray

(Alex) #80

One more minimal touch…
3M Motorcycle wheel stripes