Kalimera from Athens Greece

(Alex) #81

Also made a new set for the charger flap

(Martin Lynch) #82

That flap looks great. What a good idea!

(Alex) #83

[quote=“K22MDL, post:82, topic:1446, full:true”]
That flap looks great. What a good idea!

Want a set? I have printed those in al colors :wink:

(Martin Lynch) #84

Yes exact same colour and a pair of your door risers please. Mine are very slow and barely push the door up at all. But can you do a video of installation?

(Martin Lynch) #85

I see you have painted the side frames to match the front section you painted earlier? Looks great. May do the same here! Maybe do the fenders in same matt finish too?

(Normsthename) #86

Great job Alex!
How much did the wheel size affect the performance?


(Alex) #87

I got a set right here. Unfortunately those come with metallic ends (as opposed to the ones I offered few weeks ago seen also on this image on the left) and they are 6£ Of higher price.

Sorry can’t do a video anymore cause I have to remove all the electronics installed now to access the struts. Unpopping the front and removing the headlights (unscrew all black screws not silver) you will see the struts right I front of you :)). Remove struts with the doors OPEN.

I’ll pm you the details of purchse

As for the fenders… Right on mate. They will be the same color;))

(Alex) #88

The low profile tyres have given more stability ( no more bouncing) and an amazing KART driving feeling. The steering has become direct… And I get some sweet drift action

Down side… I lost 10% off the speedo. Top must be 76km/h from the 84 shown

(Martin Lynch) #89

Okay great. I just hope the carriage will be good! I sent the light tubes back they were rubbish you were right! Have you got a spare pair I can buy and are they VERY bright even in the day?

(Alex) #90

I think I do have the first set that failed so I may be able to create another set for you;)

I’ll let you know:)

(Alex) #91

Twizy… Superflyyyyyy

Some more carbon detail like

And door sills to avoid scratches when entering and exiting the T-Rex!! Hihihi

(osbrook) #92

Love the door strips - I need those.

(Alex) #93

The carbon ate a bit steep ( aprox 70 GBP SHIPPED) cause they are 3M.

But I can do any other color at half that price :wink:

(Alex) #94

On that note, I need to add another small strip on the front part cause the driver gets his feet over the sill much higher…,

My worry was the passenger (kids) who stepped on the fresh painted plastic sills now

(askho) #95

Those door sill strips are so COOL!!
I noticed the grass haven’t grown yet :astonished: I think they need watering. Once you start driving it in the rain it will get wet. Don’t worry.
Keep the photos coming. I love watching the progress. I am dying to see you remotely open the doors and see them swing up.

(Alex) #96

That module is already installed with a Kickass alarm system with a vibration sensor on the steering column;)))

Video coming up tomorrow with some drift action!!
Kenneth’s box is simply AMAZING!!!

(Alex) #97

This may take a few minutes until its up…
but I promice you a good fun!!

Tomorrow I’ll add some external driving scenes wiht drift action

(Alex) #98

In this video the doors open with the help of my power 100kilogram strut support.

(Martin Lynch) #99

Brilliant. I just love Twizy life…

(lloyd edwards) #100

Cool :sunglasses:…Oh yeah :+1:.