Kalimera from Athens Greece

(Roel) #101

:heart_eyes: P E R F E C T :heart_eyes:

(askho) #102

Absolutely brilliant !!!
Particularly love the day time running light and the remote opening of the (much faster lifting) doors. Just wish I was a bit more mechanically minded so I can have a go too.

(Alex) #103

I have a ready plug and play module for you guys, with struts to hand the same effect;)))

(Martin Lynch) #104

Do a video on installation and I’ll probably buy the mechanism off you Alex.

(askho) #105

Yeah, if it’s easy to do the remote door lift I will buy it too. Hang on, I suppose really the stronger struts are needed too. They look quite difficult to fit.

(Alex) #106

No at all!! shthpnz installed a set recently.

This guy had a module of his own. But he had a more complex installation of the module it’s self. Mine will be one plug away. Actuators installation I am afraid needs the same procedure as seen on his video

(Igor) #107

Do you have any idea how to do a sun visor?
The sun is bothering me so much…
Best regards, Igor

(Alex) #108

Yes Igor. A real problem with the big twizy glass.

Our friend from France has a nice solution if you have seen it with a yellow visor.

This cheap clip on you should try for starters:)


I will prefer an alternate solution with a clip on visor. Will have it soon here.:wink:

(Martin Lynch) #109

I think I have found a more ‘usual’ sun visor installation. Search on eBay for a used Smart sun visor. The advantage is that they are centre mounted with a single fixing and screw straight onto the header rail.

Kentheth aka Power Box man has done the same he told me so seems the way to go. Plus they are available llike new for just £10GBP.

(Igor) #110

Thanks a lot for ideas!
Best, Igor

(Alex) #111

Nice Martin!!! And it’s style matches perfectly the Twizy

I would even try to mount it with a powerful silicone on to the windscreen ( as rear view mirrors are done) to avoid the very sensitive plastic inner roof bezel

(Roel) #112

Thanks Martin!
I just bought one on eBay.de and will have a look on ways of installation. If I remember correctly, there is that steel bar underneath which can be used, perhaps with an extension. And, quoting mr Jagger, paint it black.

(Martin Lynch) #113

It’s actually aluminium so Kenneth tell me so will investigate that when it arrives. Kenneth has already fitted his and it looks perfect. Pity they are not available in black.

(askho) #114

Where do you guys find sun in the UK :astonished: I’ll have some of that.

(Martin Lynch) #115


(Martin Lynch) #116

As fitted also to Kenneth’s Twizy!

(Alex) #117

Thanx for the photo Martin. Now am no longer that happy about the outcome. First the color and then the size. Seems too short. Then again Kenneth is a bright individual and I doubt he would have kept something that does not work.

I am going to be trying a rollable pull down alternative.
I am always for non destructive mods. Keep the Twizy as original as possible, should I choose to roll back a mod. Not always possible unfortunately :slight_smile:

(askho) #118

:laughing::laughing::laughing: You are having a laugh, aren’t you? All the fancy stuff you are doing to your Twizy :laughing::laughing:

(osbrook) #119

Lots of changes but little or no damage to the original parts. ie. screw holes or trimmed pieces. Even the door lifts could be put back. Like the wheels and wheel arches. The ‘Sticky back plastic’ :smiling_imp: could be removed without damage. That is the clever thing about Alex’s work. It can be returned to original if required.

All depends on the next owner and if the car is worth more ‘pimped’ or as original collectors piece.

All very well thought out.

(Martin Lynch) #120

Agreed. With regards the Smart sun-visor, it is quite short but Kenneth has used one for a while and recommends it too. It would be easy to put the car back to standard - just remove one screw and place a rubber bung over it. Simples…!