Kalimera from Athens Greece

(osbrook) #121

I think that is why I like @Christian solution for a visor - no hole and any length visor.

(Alex) #122

Youuuu!!! Youuuuu!! Yes youuuu! You got something you!! :wink: ( “Analyze this” de Niro)

That is exactly my point. Reverse my “damage” should the next owner be a boring bloke;)

(Martin Lynch) #123

(He would have to be a very very boring bloke indeed… :slight_smile:

(osbrook) #124

He or she would unless they like the original as a collector’s item - what about Delorean owners do they prefer modded versions or the original? Some bit will need to be modded to make them work!

(Alex) #125

Hmm that is a very good question.
I actually sold mine to the minority of Delorean fans. A person who wants it for what it is and not what Hollywood has made it to be. That’s why I started making time machine conversion prop parts and I helped destroy 17 deloreans world wide… Although I always offered reversible alternatives.

Very well said osbrook. A stock Delorean has over 20 flaws to pick up for it to be merely considered a daily driver - surviver. That’s why I am not impressed by DMC Texas who wants to start building NOS cars for sale… I have paid dearly crappy NOS parts from them that failed. which in turn I improved by my self and sold to owners world wide.

Deloreans are rather more on the classic side since it is 35 years old. I doubt anybody wants a Twizy as a collectors item. So I am focusing on the buyer who will have a blast with a pimped Twizy and won’t have to limit his selling opportunity in the future. I have kept all original Twizy color parts to bring it back to its boring black orange look. (Sorry Martin :p) including the orange door decals;)

If you have time to kill and want to see the shit I have been though with my Delorean restoration, here is the very detailed walk through of that process:)

VIN 5992 - The Monarch in Greece & restoration

Also the video I made when I was selling it:

(Peter Szczesiak) #126

i was in northern ireland when they were current vehicles. i often wish i had bought one of the bankrupt stock ones when i had the chance [it was a box of bits so i was told] but i gave it a miss and bought a clan instead which although a great vehicle wasnt the same

(Alex) #127

Yes it is… But a very unique one. Like the Twizy…, it’s a very crappy plastic construction but a unique cute little thingie;)

Some of those sale off Delos were even converted into RHDs! 50 pcs if I remember correctly. An easy task if you ask me.

The Delorean production ended then. No ex Brit in Texas will ever get this back on the row. He failed with the EV Delorean build too. Just a marketing gimmick.

(Martin Lynch) #128

Fantastic video Alex, you really are a very talented engineer. I was at a Porsche meeting last August and 2 Delorean’s turned up:

And then my 2015 “Back to the Future i8” “”"

(Normsthename) #129

My brother had a Delorean a few years ago.
My fault… I took him to the cinema to watch Back to the Future in 1986 for his 16th Birthday :blush:
His Delorean was the usual left hand drive model, but he was offered an original Right Hand drive model for £6000 but he couldn’t afford it.
Original right hand drive models are now fetching +£45000 :open_mouth:


(Alex) #130

Martin you own an i8?? That a badas hybrid! I had one for a week as a thank you when I gave my Delorean to the Greek magazine issue of car&driver. I was very pleasantly impressed by it. Those two deloreans you met was Mike and I think Andy. Can’t make the second plate. Deloreans owners worldwide are like peas and carrots:) Hihihi

Andy yes original RHD are very expensive and not worth buying. IMHO deloreans should not be worth more than 12k stricktlycalue for money speaking. But, the movie, DMHC and overseas taxes make them a pricey sport.
I got mine for just 4K. But needed another 22 months it turn it around.

(Martin Lynch) #131

Hi Alex, yes I bought the i8 in December and is a fantastic car. Have an i3 too, just electric only, no range extender. I won’t bore everyone on here about the i8 but BMW have produced a real look in to the future design. For the next 5 years anyway…

I can imagine all Delorean owners knowing each other - a tight knit community I’m sure. Can’t believe the prices now but all older cars have just shot up in price. Slightly worrying though. Last time they hit these levels we wen’t in to recession. Different times now - hopefully.

(Peter Szczesiak) #132

old cars are rising in price rapidly its a sign that people are scared about the economy also its better interest than the banks plus you get to drive your investment. the downside is real enthusiasts struggle to buy cars

(Martin Lynch) #133


(Alex) #134

Wawaweewa!! As Borat would scream in excitemeht! You have more batteries stashed in your garage than at your electronics retail business;)

I envy you for that. This past year I have craved more electric cars than ever! I am done pumping gas. God knows I was always after big block engines and roaming sounds.

Times are different for all of us;)

(Roel) #135

you could not express my thoughts any better.:sunglasses:

(Martin Lynch) #136

Totally agree with both posts above. Up until I drove my i3 last year (and a short drive in a Tesla P85D) I was a total V8/V12/W12 petrol head.

Then I saw the light. Or should I say 13Amp socket. If the new Tesla X wasn’t so expensive I’d be queuing up for one of those too.

I have a Merc CLS that I have had for three years. It’s only covered 20k since I bought it new and I promised my wife I would keep it 3 years. Somehow I’ve managed to keep that agreement! She now says I may as well keep it because it’s still like new (it is) and still looks good.

What I would rather do is sell it and put the money towards a mid-range EV but none exist - yet, even at the price I originally paid for the CLS. I could get a used Tesla S but I walked away from one last year because the quality really isn’t there. Lovely car and I admire Elon Musk (he’s my hero and I haven’t got many), but I know I would moan, and I do moan. Quite how I accept a Twizy for daily drive heaven knows but I also like things at the opposite end of the scale. Viva la Twizy!

(Roel) #137

Yes sir, you read my lips. Me owning a Ford F150 Raptor as a daily driver till the Twizy came alongside… We already sold my wife’s Volvo and bought her a Twizy too. Now the thrill for the Raptor has gone, he(!) has to go, but as you said, there is no acceptable E-alternative yet.

(Alex) #138

The Twizy with the powerbox is a very nice replacement!!
I just keep slamming my petal down and swoosh off drifting into my neibourhoods roundabout like a teenager with my first rear drive!!! Hahahaha

Really aweful battery mileage per charge btw, but who cares! Hahaha


(Peter Szczesiak) #139

i am still a petrolhead at heart i have c4 vette the 435hp model and a chevy astro day van i love them both dearly although the vette will be gone shortly. i also have a 197 cc tuk tuk which like the twizy is sometimes a lot more fun than the v8 monster and the v6 floating couch :joy:

(Martin Lynch) #140

Ha! I’m an-ex Vette owner too. Last one was this:

… a 6.2ltr supercharged C6 ZR1. All 640BHP of it. Lariest car I’ve ever owned. Totally bonkers. Do I miss it? Sometimes but it was expensive and I didn’t want a large slice of my “toy fund” tied up in it especially as the new C7 was a year away from when I sold it.