Kalimera from Athens Greece

(Alex) #141

Are we flashing our vettes now?

Chiching… But only a poor 350:p

(Martin Lynch) #142

Very nice Alex. Chrome bumper version too. I’ve only ever had a C5 convertible, C6 coupe, C6 ZO6 and then the ZR1. They are great value but now Vettes are too expensive in UK - importers are greedy and only one small dealer (in my village I live funnily enough) for the whole of the UK. If they were the prices in the USA over here then I would have bought a new C7 ZO6. Even faster than my ZR1 !

Anyway, enough of this gasoline nonsense. This is a pure EV forum!

(Peter Szczesiak) #143

oh i dont know my c4 is an acquired taste, it is the king of the hill version with with lotus heads to get the power. at 70 in third it can spin wheels if its damp very scary eh. i would rather c1 though if i am honest such a good looking car

(Alex) #144

Ran out of juice last night. Long traffic jam for over 2 hours, and headlights on got my T thirsty.

Parked it outside a women’s apparel store
The were VERY HAPPY to juice me up for 15 minutes while I was sipping a Chocolate Viennois next door at Haagen Dazs…

The real problem is… I told my wife and she said that’s her favorite store!!!
She also said “now we have to buy something off them”

(askho) #145

That is funny !!!

(Christian) #146

I would add that my sun visor is well adapted to any driver size or any sun heigth

(Christian) #147

The opening of the doors looks a bit brutal… I’m affraid that this could happen. Don’t you ?

(Alex) #148

did your rubber bumber pop out of place?

(Christian) #149

I think so but I’m not sure. I didn’t get any time to have a look on that issue. I hope to do that within 2 weeks (strange… I just realize that it’s the most frequent answer I make : “within 2 weeks”)

(Alex) #150

thats how far my doors opened when I removed them to reinforce them for a better stopping power on my 100 KILOGRAMS struts

(Martin Lynch) #151

I hope I won’t find that happening after I’ve fitted your struts Alex!!!

(Alex) #152

No it didn’t happen.
I removed them on purpose.
You have my 80 Kilo struts. I installed 100 kilo struts so I placed a fuel hose in the little hole to strengthen the bumper;)

(Alex) #153

True story:

Today I raced past a couple of police motorcycles doing 100km/h at a 70 zone highway…, I was rooting for a nice photo of cops giving me a ticket…,
Cops drive by… Look at me… And give me thumbs up!

Ah and I am sick and tired of getting the same question 20-30 times a day :
“How much??”
I feel like a prostitue:s

Do you also ONLY get that question or is it the Greek mentality?

(Roel) #154

Sorry, not here in the Netherlands. Always these three questions: what’s the range, what’s the top speed and is the T allowed on the motorway.

(Leo R ) #155

Roel, I would add questions about fuel or electric and the temperature, too :slight_smile:

(Alex) #156

Yes, I thought this was the case…

I find asking for price to be a very rude question. Like asking a lady her age…

(Martin Lynch) #157

Most people ask me what the “MPG” miles per gallon is !!! and how fast of course.

So you have this chatter from your gearbox? I think maybe you have fried from using on max power all the time maybe?

(Alex) #158

If the Twizy can’t take the powerbox… I no longer want to drive a Twizy!!! It’s just plain crap and dangerous without it.

So if the powerbox wears Twizy parts… You can be damn sure I’ll create replacements that will sustain it.

Oh and I drive it at second stage power all the time… I have only tried max power once, but it kept beeping STOP and it pissed me off so I chose not to use it anymore that high

(Roel) #159

Alex, come on you are a man, behave like one and drive it to the max.

If it helps:
I suggest you make a little oval pink screen with the words FUN on it and place it exactly where the red sign reading STOP is.
Then set the PowerBox to Max, take a pee and from then on everytime you hit the floor with your right foot you hear the three ‘Beeps of Pure Exitement’ and the word FUN flashes in the instrument panel. Haleluja

(Martin Lynch) #160

I drive mine in medium setting mode, haven’t even tried it in max mode. Why? Worried I’ll get addicted! Happy with medium setting and even set at this I still get the stop light flash up so things must be getting hot where they shouldn’t, if I’m wrong then Kenneth please comment.

Went for my first passenger on board journey today - great! No loss in acceleration and my passenger (who has never been in an electric car before) thought it was a hoot. He loved it even more when I jumped in the back and he drove. He genuinely was impressed.

Passed Sophie on Saturday afternoon too - did wave but was in my Merc so got ignored!