Kalimera from Athens Greece

(Alex) #161

Ha that’s funny Roel.
No really the medium does it for me plus I have much higher temperatures to deal with. We had 30 degrees the other day plus I really think my differential is mash potatoes. When ever I step slightly on the acceleration I get clunking noises like there is room for play between transmission and motor… But I hat that long before the power box.

(Martin Lynch) #162

Alex, I get the same thing. Not massively so but there is slight play on take up, like gadunk-gadunk as you press the pedal from start. New word there. :slight_smile:

(Chris Gwynne) #163

Me too with the “gadunk-gadunk” (good word!!), I did take the Twizy back to Renault some time last year on the subject and they said there was nothing wrong!

(Alex) #164

Oh thanx so much guys!!! What a relief!!!
“There is nothing wrong with it… It’s a renault!!” It’s more like it.
But wait until you are out of the warranty! Then it’s: " If the patient asks for surgery, so let’s gut the bastard", body and wallet.

(Peter Szczesiak) #165

As I said they replaced mine when it did what yours are doing so if its in warranty create a fuss

(Martin Lynch) #166

What did they actually do Peter?

(Peter Szczesiak) #167

They replaced the gearbox/diff assy complete. They first dropped the oil which was
A low
B full of metal
After that it was plain sailing as the dealership always wants the work and in my case could justify it

(Martin Lynch) #168

Wow, okay that’s interesting. My warranty runs out in June (mine is one of the first) however mine is so minimal I really don’t think it’s worth complaining. Plus our local Renault dealer is worse than useless.

(Peter Szczesiak) #169

I always have an eye on the future I dont want to be the one paying for renaults poor quality!!

(Martin Lynch) #170

Very good point.

(Alex) #171

Yes! Nag now Martin! Better safe

(Alex) #172

Took my dog for a ride… She loves the lower door Windows;)

Then I almost hit a pedestrian…
Idiot was texting and crossing the street…, my horn did not impress him so I slammed on the brakes and Twizy screeched for 5-10 meters acros the asphalt leaving tyre marks and burn rubber smell.
She did good. We halted 1 meter from his ass.

Then I took her out for a treat…

And I ask you… Why is it so awesome when our vehicles are covered with white foam or snow???

I know I always wanted a white Twizy;)

(Martin Lynch) #173

Love it!


That’s better, there’s too many Twizy pics on this forum! More dogs please.
Cavalier King Charles Alex?

(Alex) #175

That’s right Sila!

(Ambalana) #176

Brilliant pictures.

(Alex) #177

Here you go Sila

This is “Karamela” ( candy in Greek)

(Alex) #178

Fender making process…
First the stainless mounting brackets.


Thanks Alex, Karamela is beautiful. Here’s my old girl “Minnie” sitting in a very dirty Twizy.

(Hans) #180

Now I wish I had a dog to take for rides. Perhaps I could convince one of our cats … :worried: