Large quantity of Twizy spares for sale on eBay

This must surely be a bargain for anybody with the spare funds and the space to store them

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I’ve got a job lot of spares too if anyone is interested.
Mine are white, apparently the above are a pale blue?!
I’ll get round to taking pictures of them all in the next week or so.


Hi Jeff I’d buy those panels from you as I’m experimenting with kits and they might come in handy how much are you looking and would you sell separate if required

Let me know thanks

Hi Brian.

I’ve got basically a full car. I’ve tried to upload the pictures from my phone to the forum but I’ve only just worked out how to do it.
I had the exact same idea as you. I was planning on doing a few mods and wanted to keep a full set for spare, but the last few weeks have somewhat changed my circumstances and I need the space in my garage now (although the car is staying)!

If you email me [email protected] and let me know what you’re after.
I did want to sell it as a job lot, but may consider splitting it if you want bits and I can find other for others…