LED headlight bulbs!


I installed LED bulbs on my Twizy. They are these from Ebay

They claim to be “genuine Philips” but I have my doubts. :slight_smile: However the quality looks very good.

Initially I thought they would not fit. As seen above, the LED bulb is fitted with blue cooling strips which are left hanging outside. There is no way those would fit throught the Twizy bulb holder, the brownish piece. I thought I need to make the hole larger.

However then I realized the flange can be removed from the bulb. It’s then very easy to push through the bulb holder and reattach the flange. So no modification needed!

In the pictures below, only one bulb has been changed. I wanted to compare the light pattern between the two. It is reasonably OK, although there is a small amount of “leakage” from the LED bulb, as seen in the picture. All the blur above the bright area is from the LED, original H4 does not have that.

One thing I found interesting, the light pattern is flat even with stock bulbs. Usually on it rises to one side, left or right depending if LHD or RHD… But then I looked at the E-marking on the Twizy headlight. It has arrow pointing to both left and right! This means it’s approved for both LHD and RHD traffic! I didn’t know such thing is even possible. But apparently Renault is fitting all Twizys with same lights.

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Nice upgrade. I’m impressed/surprised by the beam, as the LED lamps I had used blinded them h-e-double hockey sticks out of anyone I was behind.
Regarding the headlight housing itself - I think Renault went super cheap here. Basic singular motorcycle headlight thrown into both sides. I’d assume that’s why there’s no difference between right and left.

I have replaced the stock headlights with complete LED ones, they are street legal here in Germany :slight_smile: all I had to do was creating an adapter with my 3D printer


Welcome to the group @green_fox.
If I understand you didn’t just change the bulbs but the whole light?

If people wanted to do the same would you be willing to share the 3d Model?

Yes, I replaced the complete light :slight_smile: and I’d be happy to share the model here, it was created in Freecad. I can share the source file for makers who’d like to enhance my version and the .stl to print it without modifications

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Close up at night

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Do the units come with the LED bulbs?
Do you know what they are from? Some Motorcycle I assume if they are none directional.

Unfortunately there was no manufacturer label on the box or the headlight itself. The LEDs are built in and probably not changeable without soldering (it looks like the housing can be opened, there are screws at the back). I will take a closer look at them later if there is an an direction arrow marking on the glass.

this is the link to the shop (sorry, only German ^^)

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Nice work. I made a thread of my various attempts and results. Whether these (mine or yours) will pass TÜV or not… I doubt it. But it’s certainly a much needed modernization upgrade for such a futuristic looking car.

@iamlucasking, I visited your topic before buying my H4 led bulbs. They look great, but the light pattern is horrible! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: That’s not really “low beam” at all, looks like the pattern is more like ball shaped?

@green_fox, can you take a picture how the low beam looks on wall?

Compare to my picture on the top post, that’s more or less how low beam should look…

@iamlucasking there is a pretty good chance that these will pass TÜV since they have all the required “labels” (like type of “light bulb”, type of headlight etc according to ECE)

@Zuikkis sure, I can take a picture tomorrow :slight_smile:

this ist how the beam looks like

That is quite fine! Shouldn’t cause any trouble for other drivers…