Mia Electric

(system) #1

Have a look at this beastie… Looks like it was modelled on the TH!NK scandinavian/Ford tie up of a few years ago. One of my students said his mum was test driving it with full leather with a view to buying. I showed him the Renault Zoe which is a bit of a looker! Someone else commented about a three seater Twizy which is one of the seat configurations of the Mia. I think it looks hideous the more you look at it. (£22,000+) http://www.mia-electric.com/

(James Cook) #2

I actually quite like the look of this. Think it’s quite funky haha :smiley:

(mender) #3


£15K on ebay

I wanted a TH!NK when they were in the presss, funny how things turn out years later

(James Cook) #4

Hmmm…not so sure now I’ve seen real photos of it. The inside looks a bit cheap and dated and very bland.

(ecofunkytravel) #5

Unless the price can be reduced dramatically, the MIA looks like it will be squeezed between the Renault Zoe and the Smart Electric. The Zoe will be cheaper, by the look of it, and more attractive for anyone who’s looking for a full replacement for a car. I don’t regard the Twizy as a proper car (though I don’t like its tandem seating arrangement much) and I’m hoping that it can (initially, anyway) establish itself as a different class of lightweight, ultra low energy personal transport vehicle.