Miles from a Twizy

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Im just angry the won’t even take it back on a part exchange basis… says it all really

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They do quote a lower limit of 30 mile in extreme use, in the back of the 2012 range price list; so if it is not doing this for whatever reason, there is a place to start.

No-one will ever buy a Twizy if they think the range will ever be less than 30 miles so start using the media as a lever for your dealings with Renault.

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Please don’t. This is a single case, which could potentially damage sales of every single EV.

Do you have any written proof that this was said? I’m assuming the same staff at the dealer who sold you the Twizy first are the people you’re talking to now? If not, I think you’ll be fighting a loosing battle :frowning:

If I were covering this as a journalist, I’d want to know more information first:

  1. Weight of the passenger and driver (plus luggage) Sorry, but in the Twizy, weight DOES matter. I’m about 205 pounds, and get 35 miles easily out of mine.

  2. Temperature, time of day, and route. This includes height elevation and type of road conditions. Lots of hills, cold weather, rain, hard acceleration and/or start stop traffic will affect range.

  3. Your charging patterns. Do you get home and plug it in? And then drive it off eight hours later? If so, you will have about 97 percent SOC rather 100 percent when you pull away. That’s because the battery will gradually loose a bit of power between finishing charging and being driven. For maximum range, drive it as soon as it stops charging. :slight_smile:

For the record, I feel it’s worth me pointing out that yes, I do own a Twizy. And yes, I’m an automotive journalist. But I’ve been in this game a long time, and seen so many mileage claim cases fall beside the wayside because they are offered as a guide only.

Your best bet is to tackle the garage which sold you the Twizy (if the salespeople didn’t know their stuff as is often the case you may get something there.) Alternatively, campaign to get the NEDC fuel cycle test changed for EVERYONE. This will make the industry far more transparent :slight_smile:

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Is there another Twizy owner near you that could do the same run and see if they manage more than 23 miles? It does sound very very low. Doesn’t have to be a battery issue it could be a software bug in your controller, or some bad connections.

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In an earlier thread you claimed a 43 mile range with your Twizy. 8-|

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I would support any campaign to make changes to the NEDC fuel cycle test to make the figures more realistic to real life driving. However I do understand it is almost impossible to apply standardized real life driving conditions to all the thousands of EU typed approved vehicles. Manufacturers are getting too clever and they can programme their cars to get the maximum figures for the test cycle so it looks really good on paper. It’s the same with the CO2 emissions and NCAP ratings. As long as we are aware of that and used them only as a guideline, we won’t be too disappointed if we cannot achieve those performance figures in real life.

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Not all figures are wrong, I beat the published figure of 54mpg in my 53 Matiz. I got 56mpg over a tank full (30lts).

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I have no doubt that the figures quoted for the Twizy were achieved in the conditions required by the test. The fact that people rarely drive like that - particularly outside urban speed limits - is the problem. EV’s suffer additionally from the fact that in ICE terms they are always “running on fumes”. Over the course of a tankful, most modern ICE cars can deliver 45 to 50 mpg. But if you had a gallon left in the tank, would you set out on a journey of 50 miles and think yourself wronged if you didn’t make it? The other problem for the Twizy is that it can do 50mph, and is driven by people who habitually drive a car at that speed whenever feasible - and it is feasible, a lot of the time. If you drove a Ford Mondeo at its maximum speed (which admittedly isn’t feasible a lot of the time and is illegal all of the time!) I doubt you’d get 15mpg.

Hopefully, the low-powered Twizy, which cannot exceed about 30mph, will more reliably deliver something closer to the range delivered on the tests. From that, we might learn that an ordinary Twizy, driven at the urban speeds for which it was designed, can reliably produce a range comparable with the official figures. That’s certainly been our experience.

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Very good point.

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Well the news after talking to Renault last night for over an hour is this. The garage claim it’s Renaults fault and they should take the car back and un-do the deal. Renault tell me NO it’s the dealer the sale of contracr is with so they have to un-do the deal to me on the grounds of the twizy not doing what it should. They then claim against Renault at a later date. Renault are on my side but the dealer is being a real pain. The called me yesterday the manager and said point blank we will not be taking it back on a part exchange due to poor sales and we have a new one in the showroom so we don’t want another. Renault are talking to the dealer today about telling me a few more porky’s as well like they can service it there as there a ZE dealer. Turns out when i try to rebook for a look at the issues again on the twizy service department call me and say erm we cant do this as we don’t have the equipment to service ze cars as yet. WHAT yup it has to go to croydon or Maidstone to other dealers to sort out. So the sales man lied about that as well. It just gets better. So how did the look at it before i ask…? I guess they never did just charged it and gave it back to me. I am so angry with Lifestyle group at there lies to me all along the way. Yet they seem unfazed by it all and shrug there shoulders at this issue. trading standards are now investigating as well for me. I can see this going on for a little while with me loosing out.

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I feel for your frustration… I have got nowhere with my fault claim. Renault refuse to accept a fault and pass it back to me almost like a game. Perserverence is needed!

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This is driving me insane and im now feeling so tense at spending 10 grand on a white elephant. Both lifestyle and motorline have declined to part exchange the twizy even though there both Renault ZE dealers. No one wants these back even on trade in. I feel sick and i shall push and push Lifestyle in to resolving my issues one way or another.

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Whereabouts do you live? I think you really need to try out another Twizy to make sure there is even a fault with yours first.

Can’t you ask the dealer if you can use their new Twizy and compare the range?

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I think we can all feel your frustration and can sympathize. But having said that let’s be a little bit more objective about your case.
Your main objection seems to be your Twizy can’t do more than 23 miles per charge, and yet in a different thread you claimed 43. That’s the trouble when you put things down in writing. 23 miles is certainly unacceptable, but is it just one trip or every trip?
The other problem is the treatment you get from you dealer. Obviously communication has broken down between you, which is very unfortunate. For normal cars you can go to a different franchise dealer, but for the Twizy the range will limit your choices. You said they will not take the Twizy back for trade in, not at all or not at your price, because you said earlier in this thread they will give you £3K, which is derisory. But that doesn’t mean they won’t take it back, although it is good as. A dealer has no legal obligation to take any car in for trade in, even though they might have sold it to you, unless you have it in writing, and no dealer will do that.
If you are desparate to get rid of your Twizy why don’t you sell it privately. Auto Trader has quite few, all at reasonably favourable prices. In fact one crazy dealer wants £10K for a Technic

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I bought mine on finance, and I did that option were go pay a bit less but at the end either have to settle the balance, or walk away. If you say they don’t want them back I am guessing if I was to walk away they would have to take it.

Don’t think I will though I love it too much.

Also saying its a white elephant is a bit harsh, they are just crap sales people.

Actually Renault have done nothing to make people even aware of the car.

Has anyone ever heard of the Renault Wind? I only know of it cos someone here has one, but when I asked Renault about it, they do not sell in the UK anymore due to bad sales.

Hello!!! Advertising!!

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Mileage stated in an old thread was from there loan car prior to me getting mine which was on order and took a bit longer to arrive hence my displeasure in mine. I understand the trade in aspect and not having to take it but i was assured at any point if i was not happy i could part exchange it back with them. They have now looked at the twizy and agree there is issues with it and have now agreed to refund my monies and sell me a new car Twingo renault Sport due to Zoe launch being delayed. I like the twizy a lot or i would not have bought one however it’s the lies from the sales guys i don’t like and false promises made which let the whole deal down. Lack of knowledge at floor level and no advertising just lets a brilliant little product down and it’s customers. You live and you learn.

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Well done. Did you get a full refund. You did very well since you had the Twizy for a few months use. I am surprised you continued to do business with that particular dealer, since according to you they had been giving you the run around. Also another Renault!!!

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Congratulations… I agree with the sentiment about the Twizy being an ideal car… I wouldn’t want to go back to diesel/petrol though. If I was to change, I have looked at the Nissan Leaf used as there are some at around £15,000. However I bought the Twizy due to price/charge time/warranty package. This would double my financial investment which is what I was trying to reduce by buying the Twizy… Enjoy the Twingo Renault Sport (Gordini stripes?)

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Twingo in liquid yellow with cup chassis renault monitor 17inch gloss black alloys climate control tracker alarm side air bags and sorry NO gordini stripes lol.
Spent just over 17 grand with them and told the manager who sold me this car look after me and this one or else. He promised he would and was sorry about twizy and the issues i had had with it. Renault finance refinanced me on the new car in under 5 mins which must be a record lol. They knew all the issues on the twizy and what i wanted to change to.

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Well, enjoy - hope you enjoy the Cup chassis as Renault have developed a good reputation by letting their formula 1 boys play with their portfolio… what bhp is it?