Mirror indicators


(mender) #1

Saw these, lot of faff to fit and not too keen, but may appeal to someone?



The arrow bits are on ebay at £4.19, can’t see full kit.

(system) #2

Anything which makes the little Twizzy easier to see is a positive IMHO :slight_smile:

Parrot Mki9100 Installation Pictures
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As a side, I have to admit to being a little confused about this method.

Most mirrors are plastic-backed, meaning you can take the mirror off the plastic backing, and then put the LED between mirror and plastic backing.

Is this not the case with the Twizy?


(system) #4

Mirror indicators are a great idea, but I question the usefulness of the led arrows in the mirror. Surely it is a distraction to the driver since you will often be checking the mirror as you turn, perhaps for a cyclist undertaking on the inside. Has this feature been used on production cars already?

(mender) #5

Yep, I would not want anything in my mirrors whatsoever. Not sure if these mirrors are on a production car, but some Audis use sweeping rear lights for flashers in the same way.

Surely a strip of LEDs on the end of the mirror case would be better all round?

(system) #6

I like the idea if a bit of a gimic… HOWEVER, fitting these seems a nightmare. Door disassembled, front panel off and light out seems a very intensive way to retro fit them. Dosn’t show how to do all of those operations to get to the bolt for the mirror/door trim.