More charging problems


(Peter) #21

I tried the latter but that didn’t work out perfectly either.

I asked the second Renault dealer to order one but they needed me to pay for it upfront!

After explaining the situation they still couldn’t tell me the part number but would allow me to tell them some (I now have a spreadsheet containing many variations).

They could tell me the part they will supply supersedes one of the 2nd generation charger part numbers I have.

As I’m fairly sure it’ll be a 2nd generation I proceeded with payment.

I plan to collect it on Saturday.

(Peter) #22

I collected the new charger this morning and it appears to be the latest revision.


I plan to install it later today.

(Peter) #23

I’m happy to be able confirm my new charger has resolved all three issues my original charger was suffering:

Not keeping the 12v battery topped up when parked.

Not charging when our solar panels pushed up the mains voltage.

Only charging the 12v battery when driving fast (a new problem that recently started).

All good.