Motor cooling

(Toby Clement Clement) #1

I am going to do the gearbox oil change as my powerbox is arriving soon. When I remove the metal cover I am going to see if there is room to fit a naca duct in to the metal cover. I have found a duct with a scoop and it has a hose connection so I can route the air to the motor. My concern is only if rain will splash up on to the electrics…I am sure it would not hurt the motor as it would be hot enough to just steam off but I do not want to cause any damage. Any thoughts?

I may need to check there is enough air gap for the hot air to escape. I wonder if we could pipe hot air off the motor in to the cabin to create a mini heater?

(osbrook) #2

There is plenty of room round the gear box above the base plate. But it really doesn’t get too hot very quickly. You do have to be pushing the motor hard to get it hot in the UK. So using for heating may not work well enough to make it worth the effort. Rather than ducting then perhaps vents in the metal cover would work just as well.

Make sure you use some good oil with the additives. it makes things a lot quieter. I changed mine, took out really clean Renault oil that had been in a while added the correct stuff and it made it very quiet.

(Toby Clement Clement) #3

Thanks Osbrook, I will ditch the heater idea. I am going to use the powerbox and I understand that in HIGH it pegs back to medium when the motor hits 90 / 100 and then eco so it was more to try and keep the motor in it’s ideal heat range.

I am using Kenneth’s advice on mobil 1 75w/90.

I will look at vent vs naca / scoop options.

(osbrook) #4

Sound fine.
The thing about the gearbox is that according to the manufacturer’s specification (it actually is an Italian product from Comex S.p.A.) you need to change the oil every year with 0,8l of 80W90 API GL5 oil with EP additives so I guess that using a higher quality oil will reduce this interval.

(Toby Clement Clement) #5

Once a year is no hardship, it seems to me that you need the least resistance in the drivetrain, same as not having binding brakes or incorrectly inflated tyres.

(osbrook) #6

The oil change is easy if you have a big enough syringe and not a small injection type one! :slight_smile:

Just need to be able to get under the car.

(Toby Clement Clement) #7

Luckily I have workshop Ramps in my garage as I enjoy tinkering. Twizy is a bit small for them but I can safely lift it to get in there. I ordered the recommended pump to get the oil back in.

(osbrook) #8

So where are you in the country so we can all come and get work done :slight_smile:

(Toby Clement Clement) #9

I am near Guildford. I have a very stocked workshop, lathe, welders etc and the Ramps,
very welcome to come if you need some help or to use it.

Where are you?

(osbrook) #10

Don’t worry a long way away. If you click my avatar you will see.

(plugin) #11

Hi, I live between Reigate and Dorking. I’ve had my Twizy from new in 2012 and seen just 1 other Twizy in my area since getting mine! I have been as far as Guildford, Sunbury on Thames, East Grinstead, Haywards Heath and Horsham. I will travel out for up to a maximum of 22 miles (in the summer) - knowing I can get home without a charge.

(Toby Clement Clement) #12

Yeah, that’s not too far from me. I actually live near Grayshott but most people haven’t heard of that.

Atleast you could get to me and charge whilst here then go back if you did need to do any work on it.

(plugin) #13

If I head down your way I’ll contact you before hand. I lived in Headley Down 30 years ago!

(Toby Clement Clement) #14

That is very close

(V8mini) #15

@Caddyshack - could you tell me where you got the oil pump from? Ta!

(Toby Clement Clement) #16

Just bought a laser one from Halfords.

(osbrook) #17

If it helps the filler hole on a Twizy is Brake pipe size. So A plastic tube with a piece of brake pipe will do nicely with a pump or syringe.

(Toby Clement Clement) #18

With the powerbox I managed to get the stop light on quite quickly today at 56 mph, it did not drop back to medium so that must be 90 degrees.

Today I started the carbon under tray with vents, I will post pics. I am just finishing off the spacers on the lathe. 2 done, 2 to go.