My latest Twizy design Lotus F1

(system) #1

Some of you have probaby seen the Redbull F1 Twizy pics i’ve posted up a couple of months ago, with in one week it was sold the buyer wouldnt except no for an answer… sad times :frowning:

but not to worry here is the latest design, this one is a special one because the way we painted it. Three colour paint job

(osbrook) #2

Another nice job. I like the smooth Bonnet and mud guards.
Not sure about the seat back rest.
Never liked the Twizy alloy wheels until now.

(system) #3

Oh I have order new black ones to suit the red, waiting to fit them back on still un finished


Could this become a regular thing do you think?

Would you design to order?

How many Twizy's have you seen?
(Lightly) #5

That looks awesome, these must get loads of attention in the showroom.
Keep up the good work.

(system) #6

I love it! I’m wondering too how much it would be to paint a Twizy. Wow. So many options :wink:

(s4x) #7


How many Twizy's have you seen?