New Forum Design

(system) #1


Just wanted to say nice work on the forum upgrade to those involved, much better platform now

(James Cook) #2

Thanks anders, appreciate it. I stayed up to finish it all off last night. Didn’t get to sleep until 2 and was back up for the day job at 6:45!

(Lightly) #3

Thanks for the hard work James, a thankless task I guess.
when I click on FORUM, it says page not found, is this a temp glitch,or my IPad

(James Cook) #4

This is just an error in the forum. I’ll fix it now.

(James Cook) #5

Fixed from the iPad! Should be ok now?

I’m planning on providing a mobile version of the site, so that it’s formatted better for the iPad. Obviously it’s quite a bit of work on my part so I will see how things go and slowly work on things like that.

(system) #6

No worries, have done a few forum upgrades in the past and know the feeling being up late to make sure nothing breaks so good job on that front :slight_smile: