New intelligent Power Box for Twizy :-)


(Cosimo Terzani) #262

where are you in Russia?

(Frank Demes) #263

The BMS might be calculating right(for internal purposes), but the numbers do not have any value for you.
The loss in Ah do not represent the loss in range or possible chargeable capacity.

As you can see the usable % are about 93% from the start.

But maybe thats a thing for an other thread.

The powerbox does display two values. What to do with that information is up to the user :wink:

(Kenneth) #264

I’m pretty sure that 6.1 kWh is meant inside the battery :slight_smile: but I agree thats a thing for an other thread :slight_smile:

(Martin Lynch) #265

I wouldn’t ever use my Twizy without the power box upgrade now. It’s not just the increase in performance it’s the much smoother and linear drive it gives you.

I’ve had my Twizy and Powerbox over two years now and still love it,

Am I right in saying there is a new PB? If so, any advantages over the original I have?


Does PB increase regen? I want more regen

(Kenneth) #267

@nakos Yes with a Powerbox, you can choose how much regeneration you want.

(Kenneth) #268

In the performance they are the same.
V2 Has more programming memory, better display (OLED), remote control, and is bluetooth ready.
more programming memory means more things it can do as for an example. read more info from the car, adjust the charge power (still in beta) , stop on desired SOC etc, etc.

(Martin Lynch) #269

Thank you Kenneth, on the button as ever. Happy New Year to you.

(Rod Cantlay) #270

HI,I’ve just bought a 2012 model.Which Power Box model is most appropriate?
Thanks in advance

(Kenneth) #271

@rodlips I would recommend v2 since it has more to offer.
but tuning Performer is equal on all Powerbox models


(Rod Cantlay) #272

That’s great,thank you.Where can I buy a V2? I live in Spain. I understand from your posts that you have also developed a potent alternative to the Renault battery.My vehicle is no longer under warranty so I was also wondering if there was one of your battery units available and if so,how much they are?
Apologies for all the questions but I’m an excited new owner who took 8 hours to cover 120km on his first nervous day as a Twizy owner.

(Paul Chapman) #273

Welcome to the powerbox owners club :wink:

(Kenneth) #274

@rodlips To buy, just send me an email to [email protected]

Regarding batteries, I’m just finished with a battery going to Bahames. for these batteries I use KIA Soul cells and I’m going to make 2 more of the same type which I have not yet sold.
The capacity of these batteries is between 7 and 8 kWh.
The battery is not much larger than the original battery but they have good quality battery cells.

(Phil Gardner) #275

Wow Kenneth, I’d not realised that you’d been able to do this. Will these batteries work with the stock BMS and Powerbox or would you need to do more technical trickery on the Twizy to make it work? If it’s a straight swap, I might be very interested in a replacement battery for my car!

(osbrook) #276

Plus 1

(Kenneth) #277

@R1NGA These batteries fit right into an original Twizy and need no modification :-). PlugAndPlay :slight_smile:

My first driving test yesterday went well without any problems.
I managed to drive 82.5 Km on a charge. It was raining and the temperature was 8 degrees. yes it was cold yesterday :frowning:

I drove just after the same route with my 2017 Twizy model with original battery and only managed 65.6km with it

(Phil Gardner) #278

I remain VERY interested in this Kenneth and would like to know more about availability for when my lease is up next year. Or even now maybe… :slight_smile:

(Kenneth) #279

@R1NGA Send me an email at [email protected] and we can talk more about it there :slight_smile:

(Kenneth) #280

I have now rebuilt my 18650 battery to fit in an orignal Twizy and today had my first test trip :slight_smile:

120.2km is not bad for a battery built in 2014 :slight_smile:

The cells I have used in this battery are HV Lithium cells that can be charged up to 4.35v but the original charger can only charge up to 62v wich is 4.13v per cell on this battery. so 120km is really not bad :slight_smile:

I am also considering selling this battery.

My next battery project is KIA cells in a P2S28 configuration that will give a total of 116 volts. It will be exciting to see how much power i can get out of that :slight_smile:

(Normsthename) #281

Wow 74.7 miles!
I would love that range for my Twizy :smiley:
If it had that range and fast charging it would be perfect :slight_smile: