New intelligent Power Box for Twizy :-)


(Péter Lenkei) #282

Dear Kenneth, I live in Hungary. We want to create something new and we need your expertise. We’d like to buy a used Twizy without a battery and use Twizykupplung to pull a self-designed light trailer (1 m tall 4-5 m long). We are installing the trailer with 1 + 1 kW light semi flexible solar panels, 1 kW will always be in use, 1 kW will be folded out when parking. We want to charge the battery with the solar panels. In Hungary, you can not rent a Twizy battery pack because there is no Renault Bank. What do you suggest to buy a new factory battery pack for Twizy and charge it with the solar panels? In this case, we must maybe hack the factory BMS. Is it possible? Or option 2 we build a larger battery pack with bms (cheap LiFePo4 battery available to order from China, maybe 200AH cells) install in the car and drive Twizy with this? Or we put a smaller LiFePo4 battery pack on the trailer (5 kWh), which is charged with solar panels and sometimes transferred to the Twizy battery. This is certainly possible with a sine-wave inverter, it is a question if higher battery voltages are applied in the trailer, eg. 72V can be recharged to the Twizy’s factory battery pack without inverter? Thank you very much for your help in advance. Maybe we will use your Powerbox too. Kind regards, Péter

(Kenneth) #283


Hi Peter, it’s an exciting project you will start but very difficult with an original battery so I do not recommend buying one of Renault for 2 reasons. The price of a battery is crazy expensive if you only buy a battery. And it’s very hard to make the necessary changes to the original BMS. It’s a task you most likely will not handle.

Send me an email to [email protected] and I can assist you by email

(jeevan) #284

Hello Kenneth, it is interseting. I am from India. Let me know,what type of cells are using in the origibal T80?

(Alexander) #285

Hello, i few years back i bought the powerbox.

I changed computers and lost the manual. Can anyone help me please?

Please send to

[email protected]

(Alexander) #286


thanks Kenneth.

(Sebastian Krigholm) #287

Motor temperature, is it from engine or is it the sevcon temperature? Thinking about whether it is possible to create airflow from engine to the passenger compartment, maybe it works to heat it a bit.

(Kenneth) #288

It’s Sevcon who reads the Motor temper from the Motor :slight_smile:

The more air you can give to the motor, the better it is for it. For a strange reason, Renault has the choice to have no air flow to the motor :frowning:

(Erik) #289

Any chance of a similar solution for the Zoe?
I have driven a Twizy with powerbox in it, and I have another car that would like a bit of Ooomph