New intelligent Power Box for Twizy :-)


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Hi Richard
I’m from Hamilton,Scotland .so the opposite side of the country.i bought it as a plaything but use it to commute to work 18 mile round trip.also I just got some solar panels fitted so come summer again I will mostly commute for free. Order and delivery about a Kenneth via email .he will then tell you how long you need to wait as he makes to order.he then sends an email with a link to PayPal.once you pay.he then sends power additional customs fees.yes looks exactly like pictures.
Much faster pulling away from junctions.also being able to play with regen braking is great as I like aggressive stopping power.
Also being able to see amps is good.i would like to hide away with just the display is expensive but it’s worth it in my I can always sell it.i I might do a video on it to add to my other twizy YouTube videos.

(Richard Anthony) #62

Solar panels on the roof of your house, I am guessing, not the Twizy! Although…

We have 4Kw of solar on the roof, too - the same idea as you - it will contribute to the charge for both the Twizy and the Zoe. Obviously it CAN fully cover charging of the Twizy (if you time it right) and will give around half the power for the Zoe (so-long as you don’t charge both at the same time and watch what utilities are on around the house…).

Actually, we replaced our heating system, too - put in a sizeable thermal store with a “iBoost” connected to an immersion in the tank… If you have similar or a “normal” immersion, I STRONGLY advise you look at iBoost. It makes a significant difference. Essentially - any solar power generated which you DONT use is redirected to be stored as heat in your tank rather than fed back into the grid. You will still be paid for it (unless you generate over 20Kw) - as an ASSUMPTION is made that 50% of what you generate will be fed back, it’s not actually metered. Not kidding here - we spent £1,400 on heating oil running a Worcester combi boiler. Just completed our first year on the new system - looks like we will be just over £400 on oil (We have a straight system boiler and the iBoost into the store ATM - looking to change our log burner to get one with a back boiler we could connect up, too…).

Thanks for the info. Kenneth has dropped me a line to say he has a couple ready to ship… So I’ll be running numbers now until I convince myself that I can afford it!

  • Regards,

  • Richard.

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Hi Richard
Yes I meant the solar panels are on the house.ive also got a 4 kW set up with an immersun controller which direct any extra to a 3 kW immersion heater in my hot water tank.great idea and my setup was installed in sept which was a great month 360 kW produced.then 180 in October.then 90 in November.then 30 in Dec which is crap.your figures must be better so far south.
The twizy charging is 2kw .my panels are on 3 different roofs as I’ve got enphase inverters on each panel so that each panel is its own power station.and not affected by shading from clouds etc.during September I could charge my car up every day and heat my hot water tank with some spare.
The next big thing is battery storage I.e.tesla powerwall etc but too expensive at the moment.

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(Simon Millard) #65

hi I would be interested in one of those boxes, I will PM you and let you guys know how I get on

(Martin Lynch) #66

Mine is on it’s way!!

(Martin Lynch) #67

Kenneth’s Power Box is arriving tomorrow. Let’s just hope the weather is going to be okay because it’s not looking too good at the moment.

Guess what’s arrived!

(Simon Millard) #68

My box arrived today, looking forward to my trip into work to test it will let you know

(Daniel Ingdahl) #69

Kenneth PowerBox is awesome, I have it. Everybody should have it.

(Martin Lynch) #70

It is sooo easy to install its stupid. All set up for mid-power. Pity it’s lashing down with rain :frowning: Fingers crossed it’s a dry day tomorrow but I have new car arriving and an old one being collected by the new owner. Sure I’ll find time though. :slight_smile: !!!

(Simon Millard) #71

just come back from my test all I can say is wow wish I had had this box from the start got up to 54MPH indicated speed without really trying in auto mode and the acceleration is so so much better and it was quite good before the Temp got up to 85 so not to bad for flooring it

(Kenneth) #72

fantastic fun to see that you are happy and having fun with the Powerbox :-))))

(Paul Chapman) #73

Martin which holder are you using for it out of interest?

(Martin Lynch) #74

Hi Paul, I am using a genuine Samsung holder which I was using to hold my Galaxy Note 5. It is very much better built than the cheapie equivalents but I see that they have now drifted up to £18 on Ebay I paid £12 before Christmas.


It holds the phone/Power-Box perfectly with no wobble at all and more importantly leave the phone or PB in exactly the correct position for finger input.

(Martin Lynch) #75

First drive in this morning with Kenneth “Chief Twizy Twiddler’s” Power Box installed.

I have mine set in medium mode.

First thing noticed: Much smoother power delivery and quicker not just off the line but through the power range.

Secondly, the regen seems to have a lot more effect. More power going back in to the battery than before.

Third, Because of the regen (I presume) the braking is greatly assisted. You can actually feel the regen kick in, like my i3.

Fourth The display on the PB is great but seems to suffer from latency and the numbers are slightly fuzzy when changing. No deal breaker but wonder if other users find the same? What say Kenneth?

Fifth. Because I was enjoying the extra performance I did use more battery than usual on the same trip. However, see 2 above.

Sixth. I think Kenneth should be Knighted (or what ever they do in Norway) as he is obviously a clever engineer. And the world needs engineers.

Summary so far? Buy one. You’d be nuts not to.

(Kenneth) #76

Yes the LCD screen is a bit slow and do best in warm weather. meaning that in summer as it is much faster than in the winter. and this feels much easier in a Twizy since it has no heater. The important thing is that this does not affect the Power box about how it does its job :slight_smile:

(Kenneth) #77

I have now ordered one of these samsung mobile holders to test it out. it looks a little better than those very cheapest holders :-))))

(EricLafoy) #78


Difficult to resist and I will order one soon as I have said before but I just need to wait probably until April / May.

(Michael Nilsson) #79

Kenneth: The Power Boox seems like a really great thing to have, but Just to clarify: the powerbox still requires an original standard battery, right? Meaning original bms and bms harness or bms connector.


(Kenneth) #80

@Ippe the Power box speaks only to the ECU so this works fine even if you have a non-original battery :slight_smile: