New intelligent Power Box for Twizy :-)


(Michael Nilsson) #81

Oh, that’s nice! So the only thing that will happen if I build my own battery is then that i will have no SOC status in the instrument panel? (I mean: other than actual voltage, which can be seen in the additional Power box screen).

However, I can absolutely live without the SOC as long as I can see what voltage I have. My Main concern is that in Sweden, we will not pass the car testing station if we have any kind of fault indication in the instrument cluster - like motor lamp or airbag lamp glowing etc. Do you know if I will get any of these warning lights? (I mean: with home made battery without standard bms + Power Box)


(Kenneth) #82

As long as you use the original the BMS everything will work as before. Also SOC.
However if you replace the BMS so there is no thing that will work. ECU, Charger, and the instrument panel. none of these will work if you replace the BMS.

In Norway is a Twizy registered as a 4 wheeler motorcycle. It will also say that there is no EU control on them so this is not a dilemma at all here :slight_smile:

(Michael Nilsson) #83

Ah… I see. So the standard BMS is really a “key component” if you want everything to work. Allright. Thanks for clarifying!
Actually, it’s also registered as a 4 wheeled motorcycle in Sweden (as in UK and the rest of EU as well i think), but I think that I might have missed that the rules for warning lights is actually also the same as in Norway… Need to check it right away! :wink:


hi folks!
i think kenneths excellent box is worth to get a smarter fitting in our twizy.
perhaps this one can bring some ideas to do so. what do you think about?
kind regards, karl :relaxed:


another view

(osbrook) #86

Looks great, but how water proof is it?

(Richard Anthony) #87

I LIKE this.

I must admit that I’ve been wondering how to mount it other than on the window without resorting to something that would ruin the looks - and I gotta say - this looks nice.

I have a 3D printer - was planning to generate a few prototypes when I get around to ordering one for myself!

OK - so now I know that a Galaxy Note 5 holder will accomodate the unit - so I can download a template model.

In the past I had a speaker in the left glove-box - and propped it open to amplify the sound - worked great - but now I drive with Bose noise cancelling headphones so have no need of that… .I was wondering if I could rig a foldable brace for the head unit which I could “unfold and click” when I open the lid to the glovebox, revealing the display, then press to fold it away again and put it out of sight when parked-up…

What do you think - existing owners of the unit - is there room for a simple arrangement along those lines?

  • Richard.

(Chris Gwynne) #88

@Richard_Anthony There certainly is space for what you describe, its something I would be interested in if you do manage to create something. Chris

(Simon Millard) #89

have been using on high settings for a few days now have set my regain to 250 and feels much better, I do not seam to be using much more battery about 1 block more for my trip to work and back that’s with some 60MPH travel

(Martin Lynch) #90

That is very neat. My only concern is that the PB may not be splash proof? Maybe Kenneth would care to comment? Also if it is okay to mount the way you have, he may consider offering two output bungs - one for side exit for the cable, the other for bottom exit? Make for a much neater install.

(Kenneth) #91

Yes Martin you’re right. Power box can not tolerate a lot of water so be careful when you wash your car inside. and for you who do not have doors and windows must be careful that it is not exposed to rain

(Martin Lynch) #92

Hmm… I think a re-think to mounting it in a semi-permanent state should be reconsidered. Maybe you could offer a splash-proof housing version of it Kenneth and the option of side or bottom cable entry.


luckily i have no need to drive my twizy in every conditions, especially in nasty wet and windy times. normal rainy weather is no problem. of course it would be great having several inputs of the cable, or a waterproof housing. but we have to be careful not to overcharge our sponsor :pensive:
i have heard, he is mounting boxes, and boxes, more boxes… no time for anything else even finishing his own yellow runabout :innocent:

(Roel) #94

Beautifull! Perfectly made. And a special steering wheel as well :sunglasses:

(Roel) #95

I have my Powerbox set to 100 Nm. In that state I can choose Manual or Automatic mode (knob 2).

Q: If I want to travel through the Netherlands like the Police is after me: what mode is best: Manual or Automatic?

(Alex) #96

Pursuit mode?

(Kenneth) #97

@shthpnz it goes just as fast in them both. the difference is that in auto mode it goes up again if the temperature monitoring set it down to 80 or 57Nm on Due to high temp. in manual mode, you need to set it up again

but I certainly hope that you ar not intend to run from police with a Twizy :-))))
The PowerBox is not that good :-)))))

(Alex) #98

Yes but the police don’t have a powerbox!!:wink:

(Martin Lynch) #99

How do you set it to Auto Kenneth? Mine is set in manual mode? Getting the oil changed tomorrow too.

(Chris Gwynne) #100

Push and hold the middle button