New intelligent Power Box for Twizy :-)


(Martin Lynch) #101

Thank you!

(Simon Millard) #102

have uploaded my first little video on YouTube first drive with the power box let me know what you think have part two editing as we speak

(Michael Nilsson) #103


However, i do feel that sometimes it can be good to discuss some hard facts as well :slight_smile:

Kenneth: the information you provided with the powerbox was really nice to have, but I kind of missed the standard Power map.
The reason for my question is that I have heard at least three different values of the standard power which is 11, 13 and 17hp. It is actually 11hp according to the registration papers, but that should be the continous power. I guess that 17hp should be the actual/correct peak power value, but 13hp is stated at the Swedish Renault homepage…

Anyway, if the Nm values is correct (which i guess is not unlikely), the mildest tuning step “medium tuning” provides from 22hp and the “Max power” up to 30,3hp

(Kenneth) #104

Here is the Power Map to a Original T80. (extracted from the ECU)

and Here is the Power Map to a Original T45. (extracted from the ECU)

(Michael Nilsson) #105

Allright! Thanks Kenneth, I appreciate it. Now we can really see the difference!

(Richard Anthony) #106

Been playing with a few ideas - I think the best design will be a “Generic” bracket rather than one specifically for the powerbox, that way we could - for example - have fixings for phones or GPS units as options… If you open the storage pod and look at the fastener used - it is quite a large “Arrow” design (with matching trap at the bottom)… If I copy these to make a “Brace” with some kind of fixing in the centre, then we could have various units with appropriate fixing to snap (of fix) into place on that bracket…
My inclination is to have the “Arrow” style connectors top and bottom, with the fixing recessed somehow into the pod rather than directly in line, so that the face of whichever device holder is attached will be flush(ish) with the lid…
So my question now is - should the bracket be able to accommodate MORE than one fixing? Or maybe there should be a fixing available which acts as a kind of manifold for two others, so that you could have the powerbox next to a phone or gps…

I still haven’t ordered my powerbox - is anyone able to confirm the dimensions for me or absolutely confirm that a phone case (not holder) for a specific phone will fit it? (case instead of holder will confirm the DEPTH of the device instead of just height / width).

Many thanks for any input…

  • Richard.

(Simon Millard) #107

uploaded the Motorway Test, hope this helps people also has anyone else told there insurance company about this box? have rang mine the nice lady said she didn’t really understand what I was on about and that she will ask her supervisor to ring me that was last Thursday

(Roel) #108

With all due respect, you woke that sleeping dog? What were you hoping for? ‘We see absolutely no problem at all lifting the max speed oh and you doubled the torque too, have fun’? Watch the insurance small print next year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sometimes we have to choose which road we take. It looks like you want them both (and at the same time).

(Simon Millard) #109

I rang them as not doing so would invalidate my insurance had a call back from my insurance company, as the mod is removable and only increase the top speed to lass than 70MPH my company after thinking about it said that will be an extra 25 pounds until renewal that’s includes cover of the power box itself seems the manager looked at it like derestricting a moped

(Martin Lynch) #110

I did the same Kenneth and the gearbox whine is so much less now.

(Ambalana) #111

Hey Kenneth. Is it possible for your to share a message letting me know where I can purchase the box? Thanks so much. Richard

(Martin Lynch) #112

[email protected]

(Roel) #113

PowerBox in Stealth Mode

I placed the PowerBox in the right box. The one that can be locked.
To be able to see the display while driving I made the lid to stay open.
I tie-wrapped a magnet on top of the box, clamped some metal around the lip of the lid and voila: it closes normally, but when open it stays open.

In order to get a connection to the OBD2 in the left box I ordered in China one-to-two OBD2 connector.
OBD2 splitter

I placed one white connector in the original hole in the left box. Looks like standard.
Under the box the black connector is attached to the original OBD2, the other white one goes to a flat extension ODD2 cable to bridge the distance to the right box.
Flat extension OBD2 cable
From there the flat OBD2 cable goes over the edge smoothly into the right box.
I sprayed the Power Box and its cable black.
Velcroed the Powerbox
No plastic to cut.

(Alex) #114

You don’t waste any time do you? heheheh

Fantastic work;)


Hello everyone. I have a 3-months old Powerbox made by Kenneth. I sold my Twizy and I would like to sell the Powerbox for 400 euro, shipping included within Europe (with tracking). If you are interested, just let me know. The Powerbox is in absolute perfect condition!

(Martin Lynch) #116

You sold your Twizy?? :cry::cry::cry::cry: Are you crazy??!!

(Alexander) #117

Me me!


Hello Lexy, you are from Belgium I see on your account? I’m also from Belgium. Please contact me on my email-adress: [email protected]

Vriendelijke groeten!


I know this might sound like a naive question but can you set everything back to factory settings say if I needed the Twizy in for warranty work woh Renault?

(Kenneth) #120

Yes this is no problem. just select the original tuning i the menu