New intelligent Power Box for Twizy :-)


(Stefano Betti) #161

Hi Kenneth, my yellow Birò has got two 4kw AC motors. Controller are master
/ slave connected in this way Birò’s wheel drive easy turning left and
You mean that power could be connected only to one, the master I suppose (
easy to notice), and the other one could receive new configuration from the
master? Fine! About your last question… well no, I was looking for Dvt
software and cables at reasonable price wile I found your project, really
impressive. If you can give me suggestions for this way I’ll appreciate it.
Consider that my needs are about breaking charge because with lifepo4 I
could manage more charging current (differently from original lead
batteries) that actually I lose with mechanical breaking. Speed… well
speed… Birò is not a fatter Twizzy, it’s something like a big yellow brik.
But for my daughter it’s perfect.

(Dieter Dirkes) #162

Kenneth, how can I buy such a powerbox from you?
My Twizy definitively needs a tuning :wink:

  • Dieter

(Richard Anthony) #163

I’m guessing your powerbox is sold already? I’m about to order mine!


Hi Richard,

It was sold the same day.


(Max ) #165

Hi @kennethnilsen69, is this box now for the t45 available or will it take a while?

(Kenneth) #166

Hi @Mmaaxx sorry but I have not yet had time to finish the firmware to T45.
I will today start to train up my sister to solder together power boxes for me so I can get some more time to develop software to T45. but I can not promise a date on when I have it ready but will try to get it ready before I go on vacation this summer. I travel to Vietnam on July 06. and shall then be there for a month :-)))

(Max ) #167

ok nice @kennethnilsen69 , is this box now for the t45 available or will it take a while?
vacation :wink: can you tell how to go in the terminal in the twizy to change things?

(Kenneth) #168

To change the parameters you need DVT software and a IXXAT USBtoCAN interface. and it’s not cheap.
you can buy it here. but you must of course then figure out how to use it and which parameter to change :slight_smile:

(Eddie) #169

Hi, i use medium tune up 90nm with 150% neutral regeneration, and 250% with pressed brake pedal. I’ve noticed increase in range!

(Jonathan Lewis) #170

Kenneth I took my Twizy to Brands hatch over the weekend and can now confirm with rock hard tyre pressures and your box on full chat we did a lap of 1.27 seconds 2 up with a top speed of 68 mph, it was a blast, I have a film but can’t load it up lol

(Roel) #171

@Racer: your film or it didn’t happen :wink:

(Kenneth) #172

That is cool Jonathan. You must try to get uploaded the film on youtube :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Martin Lynch) #173

Just upload on YouTube and then post the link on here. Congrats btw!

(Gunnar Hoaas) #174

Hei Kenneth.

Jeg vill kjöpe en smart power box av deg.
Kan du sende meg en mail?

[email protected]

Gunnar Hoaas

(Paul Chapman) #175

I was at Buckmore Park kart track on Saturday for a 6hr endurance race (which I won btw and set the fastest lap)

The manager loved it and has told me to come back and bring it on the track - that will be pretty cool.

Will certainly film that one

(Martin Lynch) #176

In the Twizy?

(Alex) #177

Hey Jonnathan and Paul…
whats up with you guys? Teasing us of good fun with the T and NO videos!!
Thats NOT very friendly you know… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Max ) #178

@kennethnilsen69 can you make a box witch make my twizy 45 about 25-30% faster without any other functions? cause 45 km/h is very slow :smile:

(Jonathan Lewis) #179

Here you go the unofficial video lol

(James Cook) #180

Wow, sounds like a jet going past!