New led lights fitted


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Just thought I would include some photos of LED lights I fitted today . I wired them into existing pilot lights and fitted them tight to existing glass with 3M double sided tape . They seem very bright and stand out even when the lights are just on the pilot setting . Cheers Mark

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Oooo i like

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Good work.
Would they look even better with the sidelight bulbs swapped for LED or bright white too?

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Loos like another job Lol

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Where did you buy them from Sheriman?

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The LED strips are easy to get from ebay, they come from China. I use lots of them. In my Motor home, under cupboard lighting in the Kitchen in the Bedroom and even converted external flood light to use a few long strips. The short stripes Mark has used are about 99p delivered (takes 4 weeks to get here). They use a few milliamps In fact 4 use under 700ma.

I was going to add some to my Twizy between the front lighting panels and the bulbous bonnet. Rather than in the lights, but need to order some more first.

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Hmm. I wonder if these would work as in-cabin lights too?

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Most definitely if you can find a suitable place for them. They are bright so don’t want to point at any ones face.

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Ebay item :-
Select colour and length.

These are the ones I use in the Bedroom as side lights and under cupboard. But the same as I have used for years in the Motorhome. Saves so much power, I replaced all the Fluorescent tubes with LED stripes and the whole van lit up uses less power than one tube. Again useful for saving battery power.

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Hi Folks
got them fork EBay from UK supplier £4.99 delivered next day . Didn’t want the slow boat from China Lol . I’m very impressed how bright they are . And good idea Nikki for the interior although I use a push 3 led light I got from Ikea I’ve positioned one in front and one in rear . Mark

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Hi Roger
Got them from EBay £4.99 next day delivery
Cheers Mark

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Hi Mark – Do you have the name of the seller?

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Hi Nikki

Regards Mark

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So I just need to find a spare fuse, and put some in the cabin :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the link.