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Just saying hi. I hope this Twizy only forum takes off.
It might be useful when I get a Twizy,

Good luck.

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Hi everyone, got dragged here by someone :geek:
I get my Twizy today, yes really, not even driven one yet, but expect loads of pics :mrgreen:

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Yes sorry about that!

Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy driving the Twizy as much as we do. First time I drove a manual car afterwards I stalled it when slowing down for some traffic lights. :oops: Never done than since, once was enough.

I have also travelled for over 30 miles in the back of my Twizy in all weathers and I really just enjoy the experience. I do prefer to drive it though.


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Superb, I am gonna put the GoPro on it for the 1st trip, it is going to get Decals on it for my business .
I specialise in repairing French cars, so I am going to learn a lot from this car, hopefully I can be at hand if anyone needs help.