New or second hand?

(Peter) #1

Hi All,

I’ve recently spent some time researching the Twizy and have decided to buy one - I had a Sinclair C5 many years ago but had to sell it due to lack of space!

It’s main use will be driving to and from work during the summer. The 8 mile round trip consists of 30 and 40mph roads, mainly relatively flat although one steep hill (Bank Road in Matlock) or a slightly easier climb using another route.

I’ve had a look on Autotrader and the going rate seems to be in the region of £5k for an ~5 year old model but a brand new one is only £8k.

Our local Renault dealer actually had a 2013 model in for £5k so we had a good look at it today (photo below). It was the model and colour I’m looking for, with only 2k miles, but didn’t have doors, which I really would prefer to have.

I’ve left my details with them and they’ll be in touch if they find one suitable.

Still not sure whether to buy new or second hand but either way I better start making room in the garage!

(askho) #2

I think only you can make the final decision as to buying new or second hand. Second hand prices have definitely firmed up in the last couple of years. Before that no one seems to want the Twizy and you can’t give them away for around £3K. Now a couple of years later the same ones are asking for £4-5K.
I would say the one in your local dealer is a no no, simply because it has got no doors. Doors are essential and they cannot be retrofitted. Don’t be tempted by the low mileage. Lack of use is the cause of a lot of problems for the Twizy, particularly the brakes.

(Peter) #3

Thank you for the advice.

I definitely want doors. Windows would be nice too but, in my opinion, the Twizy looks better without them so I’ll see how I get on first.

(osbrook) #4

Hi Peter. My Twizy has been to Matlock a few times as I’m in Chesterfield. If I can get between the two and back I’m sure you will not have any issues. Happy to talk face to face about the Twizy.

(Peter) #5

Hi Osbrook,

That’s good to know.

One of my concerns is the speed a Twizy can maintain on hills.

Is 30mph up a steep hill realistic or would I be crawling along in everyone’s way?



p.s. I’ve not yet seen a Twizy on the UK roads.

(osbrook) #6


How well do you know Chessy?. The main road out of the centre up past the Hospital to Bolsover is 40MPH I can just about do 40 all the way up.

On the peaks what you hold up on a straight or a hill you pull away from on the bends. I take mine to Wales and Lincolnshire. Here the twists or sharp bends play into the Twizy’s hands especially if it is narrow. I do tend to by pass Slack Hill though.

The Twizy will not be a road block.

(Peter) #7


That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.

Many thanks.


(Chris) #8

If bank road is the one going up past council offices it will be fine.
I don’t live too far away and could make Matlock and back on a charge.
I do think doors are a good idea. I rarely put my windows in but it’s nice to have that option. Also doors do add a bit of security.

(Peter) #9

Hi Chris,

Yes, that’s Bank Road!

Trying to find a Twizy of the specification and colour I’m looking for isn’t easy. There’s currently only a handful for sale in the country.

I’m tempted with a new one but fancy the idea of a pre 2016 PowerBox compatible model.

Currently keeping an eye on Autotrader and eBay.