New Twizy F1 Kit


(Luis Jaramillo) #1

We are starting to mass-produce the F1 body kit for the Twizy. This is going to be the complete kit. Individual parts are also available to buy separately. All the parts are made from a plastic composite only adding 5kg of weight for the whole kit. Also, this isn’t a cheap “homemade kit”. Great quality product. The total price with shipping included is going to be 950euro.

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F1%205 F1

(Luis Jaramillo) #2

Here are the prices for the individual parts for the F1 kit.

Front bumper lip - 240€

Side skirts - 350€

Rear wing - 395€

Rear diffuser- 240€

Whole kit- 950€

All prices are with shipping included.

(Håkan Lidell) #3

Sign me up for a kit, been waiting for this to happen :heart_eyes:

(Luis Jaramillo) #4

We have 5 kits that we’re going to discount 50euro for a total of 900euro with shipping included. After these 5 are gone back to normal pricing. Get them now before it’s too late.


Interesting. Where are you shipping from? Outside or within the EU?

(Luis Jaramillo) #6

Outside the EU.


ok, so the price within the EU will be plus VAT and most likely Customs duty

(osbrook) #8

Just remember the front aerofoil stops the car being road legal in some countries. Just some thing to consider, perhaps it can be fitted in a way that it can be clipped on and off.

(Luis Jaramillo) #9

Just a heads up for those that ordered a kit, they’re going to be completed on Monday and shipped out on Tuesday.