New Twizy Options

(Mark Espie) #1

So about to take plunge and get new Twizy.
Options - Doors / Parrot / Glass Roof ??

Any comments / advice?

(Kuki Bajker) #2

Just don’t do Parrot… it’s realy poor device, with realy bad speakers, no noice canceling, bad microphone, small display and no memory for the last song. Every time you start Twizy it starts with the same song and no updates available to fix that. It’s just like thet and cannot be changed. During a year and half of using Twizy and changing speakers with Pioneers, mouting amplifier,… I realize and found most usable combination of some Blootooth speaker for music(I have BOSE soundlink micro, but also a small JBL would be fine) and Jabra Freeway for caling things… And a sucker stand for my phone. I just pull out the fuse for my Parrot at one point when I have it enough.

Doors are must and also windows if you will drive in cold and rain, but don’t buy originals, buy those hard ones from Korea, those are the best I guess and practicaly the same price or even cheaper.

Glass roof is an option, it’s good and facncy to have it, but you don’t realy need it. I have it, it’s nice, sometimes practical, but in the summer too much sun in the head, so I made a mesh curtain.

I found usable those parking sensors, since there is no rear window, but I get them free due to a distributor mistake :slight_smile:

(Mark Espie) #3

Many thanks for your reply.
Cant decide on roof. Like idea of extra light but worried about heat / sunburn in summer
Do you just put JBL speaker in glove box ?
Do you agree it’s better idea to go for new as not much more than older second hand ones ?
Cheers Mark

(Kuki Bajker) #4

I said I have BOSE speaker, but JBL will do the work too. I put it under the dashboard since it have handy silicone mounting strap. And I have it always connected to the power source in my glove box.

Roof in the summer definetly need some sort of shading. I have sliding black mesh curtain.

(Peter) #5

I considered buying a new Twizy but in the end a second hand one was my preferred option due to PowerBox compatibility.

With a pre 2016 model you can fit a PowerBox without any complications.


(Mark Espie) #6

Thanks for advice. Just struggling with lack of availability of good second hand ones. An example would be the one in auto trader which is 4 years old and only ÂŁ500 less than a new one. :thinking:

(Kuki Bajker) #7

In my country is no go with second hand ones… we have 4500€ national substitute , so the new Twizy80 is from 4500€ with doors (9000€ without substitute)… If you wanna sell you must go then way under 4000€ beacouse there is no substitute for the second hand ones…

(Mark Espie) #8

So it looks like the only options worth having are doors and glass roof.
Good idea is to tint roof if turns out to be too hot in summer.
Seems a bluetooth speaker is better than the parrot. Seems a shame when speakers are already in roof.
Appreciate all the advice :smiley:

(osbrook) #9

The speakers aren’t already in the roof, only space for them.

(Mark Espie) #10

So I guess halfords etc could fit something better after market too ?

(osbrook) #11

You can do better. There are only 2 torque screws and some clips holding up the speaker pod. You can then put up what you can fit up there.

I have stereo Blue tooth speakers and a Surface driver that uses the roof to enhance the bass. Then a long USB cable threaded through the frame to allow recharging from the glove box.

(Kuki Bajker) #13

The speakers aren’t already in the roof, only space for them.

They are there if you have handsfree parrot option instaled, but it’s not worth a word of speakers, their membranes are made of paper :roll_eyes:

(osbrook) #14

But the comment was that it wasn’t worth having the Parrot option so the speakers will not be there. And Paper cones in an open car prone to condensation isn’t a great idea. You are right about that.

(Luis Jaramillo) #15

Do you have pictures of your setup?

(osbrook) #16

No as it was done back in 2012 - See Fitted Blue tooth speakers.