New Twizy Owner - still grinning after the first day

(Jeffinergiraffe) #1

Oh goodness! What an amazing first day with my Twizy. My daughter and I took Rayleigh High Street by storm this afternoon when we pulled up and parked in front of an Aston Martin Vantage. Guess what everyone gathered around - yes us!! I wandered down to the shops and looked back to see loads of blokes looking all around it. I have a permanent smile plastered to my somewhat cold face!

I also know that I have definitely “arrived” and must be the coolest old dear for miles around when some teenage boys shouted out, “Oh God that is well sick!”

Oh yes, I am the talk of town and thank you to fellow forum member, “Mender” for all his help and patience.

(mender) #2

Glad you’re having fun!

Glad it all sorted!

All the best

(system) #3


Welcome to the forum. It’s great to see another female on the forum!


(system) #4

Welcome to the Twizy in the East… I live in Southend. There is a Twizy in Eastwood and one in Wickford. I drive through Rayleigh in a morning and evening,when I get my car back from being repaired.