Not charging to 100%

(Rich) #1

So I’ve had the car a week today, driven about 100 miles so far and spent about 15 hours poking it’s CAN bus!

But on charging I’ve noticed that it’s not always getting to 100% - is this usual? Yesterday I charged then on turning the key (after the fan was off and the display was blank) the display said 100%. Today, it read 87%. Each turn of the key fires up the fans and adds about another percent.

Is this a problem or standard behaviour?

(askho) #2

Haven’t experienced that before.

(osbrook) #3

Not noticed that before. Mine if I plug it back in after a full charge says 97%. So Assume I’ve lost 3% capacity. But that is nothing like you get.

(alex) #4

this is a standard behaviour on lead acid golf kart. Sometimes read 100 but in the end is less.
Other times read less…turn on off on off and boom full charged 100.
I still don’t know why this behaviour.

(Rich) #5

Strangely, when I turned it on to drive home it reported 100% charge. I’ll keep an eye on this and see if I can see any pattern.

(osbrook) #6

Okay we may be missing some information here.

So each time you turn the Twizy on it was after it had been on charge. I assume you are charging at 240V - Do you know what the actual voltage is as the Twizy will not charge when the Voltage goes over 247V in fact it has been known to discharge. The relays are connected but the charger isn’t inputting so it slowly discharges both batteries.

(askho) #7

My Twizy is 2012 with almost 17K miles on the clock. I was charging it just now and just so happened to have a look at the dash after a while and it said 100% so fully charged. Does that actually mean anything?
I noticed some of you mentioned yours will only charged to maybe 98% or 97%. If it means mine can still charge to 100% so in tip top condition, I am very impressed.

(osbrook) #8

Mine reaches 100% but if I reconnect it will only say 97%

May range has dropped though.