OBD 2, any real use?


(Thom Ultee) #1

I recently picked up a elm327 which plugs into the obd2 port. But when I plugged it in, none of the apps i tried to use work with it. Any one has a suggestion on what app I can use for monitoring the status or simply reading the computer?

(osbrook) #2

The ODBII port does work when the car is powered on, and can be used to reprogram it and read some of the sensors. However I have no idea what software to use with it or if it would have to be something more custom. @kennethnilsen69 will know.

(Kenneth) #3

Hi Thom there are no apps today that can send PIDs to a Twizy. (not that I know of). if you going to read something out of OBDII port then you need to use a computer and CanAnalyser software. or if you just want to Read from The ECU then you can use DVT software but then you must have an IXXAT USBtoCAN interface. and they are not cheap.
I use all the mentioned software and hardware over here in a combination + I have the complete CAN-BUS database to a Twizy.

PS: I have now managed to get the app Torque to send and read PIDs from a Twizy but I had to use CanAnalyser to find out how. I will unfortunately not publish my PID list on the internet

(Caills) #4


I have a new twizy and I’m interested to get the full can database. Is it possible to share it with me ? My aim is to obtain all the sensors measures or signals.

Thanks for all