Omega oil GL7

(Sebastian Krigholm) #1

I have read and searched but without success.

I will soon get my new twizy and thought from the beginning to change some things in it, for example, to change oil.

There is a very good oil “omega 690 GL7” this is a hypoid oil. I have used hypoid in cars but I wonder if there are any direct obstacles to this in a twizy. Anyone who knows?

Has mailed to comex who manufactures the switches but has not received an answer yet.

(Kuki Bajker) #2

You can buy some Omega oil here link :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Sebastian Krigholm) #3

I’m living in Sweden… We have Salomon to eat… It is better than pills to buy. :pill:

(Sebastian Krigholm) #4

So there then … Got my twizy on Friday … Change the oil the first thing I did. Have maybe 50km, so I changed. There was 1 liter of oil out and I poured a one liter.

And now for the most exciting result.

Oh my God! I’ts quiet. What I hear is how the enige work and the sound of tires on asphalt. But the transmission is completely quiet. It really became a big difference, even though the car is new. I think it’s a bit easier to roll.

(Kuki Bajker) #5

I’m looking on the manufacturer’s page and that’s GL6, not GL7 grade oil… but even that is real good, most other oils are GL4

(Kuki Bajker) #6

And which one have you used? SAE 75-90?

(Sebastian Krigholm) #7

It is gl 7, se link… (sorry it is Swedish link)
And I have sae 80-90

(Kuki Bajker) #8

Damned, they don’t send to my country :slight_smile: I searched the web, but nobody, who sell it, wants to send it to my country. :sob:

(Sebastian Krigholm) #9

Where do you live my friend?

(Kuki Bajker) #10


(Sebastian Krigholm) #11

This one is from Poland… Maybe they can send…

(Kuki Bajker) #12

Urrrrgh! 5l minimum & almost 300€ :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:

(Sebastian Krigholm) #13

Yea… This oil is very expensive, but I think it is OK prize for it because this oil is only wow!

In Sweden can we buy 1 liter… Hmm… (50€)

(Kuki Bajker) #14

I know it’s good. I would pay even 65€ for liter with posting fee, but realy don’t need 5 litres and pay 300€ for that what I don’t need :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sebastian Krigholm) #15

It’s true

(Bas) #16

Hi guys, just found this thread as I am planning on changing the oil in my 6 month old Twizy. The first thing I need to do is see how on earth I am going to get 1 litre of the Omega 690 oil to Italy as the Swedish e-commerce shops seem not too be very keen on shipping it elsewhere.

The thing that I was wondering, looked up some information on this type of lubricant and it seems of extraordinary quality, and therefore mention it lasts much longer than regular quality mineral oil with a GL4 rating. How often do you reckon one should change this kind of oil in a non-tuned Twizy?

(Sebastian Krigholm) #17

Here is the link. What I know is the best price in Sweden. I poured in about 0.9l and it pressed up a bit … So 0.8 is probably good. The gearbox becomes completely silent. You will only hear the engine. I changed oil the first day I bought twizy new and noticed a big difference. It will probably be even more so when you are used to the sound. Where in Italy do you live? I usually go your way from time to time … So maybe maybe fix if the cities are right …

(Sebastian Krigholm) #18

Incidentally, gear is closed so you will not have to change this oil again. For me, I can post a liter to you no problem. Maybe I have the snake left with the cork from the bottle that I rebuilt isf can I send you with … If we solve it.

(Bas) #19

Hi Seb, yes that’s exactly what I wanted to obtain. The whine from the gearbox has always been there, but I bought windows from Luis in Korea and fitted them, and driving around like that you notice the whine even more. Really nasty and it doesn’t give me the impression they used a good quality lubricant. Fixing that would be great.

I live alongside the Ligurian riviera but I am in Milan through most of the week for work so if you’re dropping by anytime soon let me know! I’d be happy to grab an appetiser together. I’ve written a mail to two Swedish shops but haven’t heard anything back and I doubt I will. I’ve written these guys as well:

The thing about the gearbox is that according to the manufacturer’s specification (it actually is an Italian product from Comex S.p.A.) you need to change the oil every year with 0,8l of 80W90 API GL5 oil with EP additives so I guess that using a higher quality oil will dramatically reduce this interval.

(Sebastian Krigholm) #20

I take and order a bottle, so I can check what the shipping costs. So I’ll send you one pm whit that.
I usually go to Venice and Bologna. Not so far from Milan … We go on holiday to Italy and I want to move there. Lignano Sabbiadoro (Bibione funnel)

don’t worry about arranging the world’s best oil for you!

It is true the gearbox comes from connex, I emailed them and just wanted to assure me that it was not yellow metal inside it (brass or bronze) because this oil can erodet yellow metals it’s sulfur in it. But unfortunately I did not receive any response from the manufacturer. So I surfed a lot for pictures and finally I found a page where a guy has picked up a gearbox. No yellow metals, all in steel and the house in aluminum. So then I thought it would be great so I switched. Have been driving it for almost a year. Is Giant Satisfied!