Omega oil GL7

Ah going to lovely places as far as I can tell! Well, if you’re passing by Milan let me know, and if you’d like to discover Liguria do not hesitate to write me for advice.

Regarding the oil, just hold on a second for now as I have just heard back from Omega itself and I would like to see what they can arrange. Especially since I am thinking about buying 5 litres and changing the oil in the gearbox of my classic Alfa Romeo as well since the gearbox isn’t that healthy anymore. I would need to check whether there are any brass or bronze parts or bearings in it but I’ll check with my mechanic. Just wanted to quote a part of the reply of Omega here fore future references:

" Yes our Omega 690 Super EP Gear Oil works very well in differentials. We have received feedback from motorsport teams that the product reduces the temperature of differentials by around 25°C. The product also works very well in manual transmissions too providing faster and smoother gear changes. I can confirm the product doesn’t cause any problems with drag. We have found it actually reduces energy costs of gearboxes by up to 30% whilst also reducing noise, temperature and vibration of gearboxes. The oil can last up to 20 years before needing to be replaced. It is a API GL 6 oil and so it far exceeds the spec of a GL 5 gear oil, extending the service life of the vehicle’s gearbox and the oil itself.

Unfortunately we do not have an Omega distributor in Italy but we can supply you direct from the UK.

We can supply Omega 690 Super EP Gear Oil 80W90 in 1 Ltr bottles @ £38.36 GBP each, 5 Ltr and 20 Ltr sizes also available"

I’ll see how much they quote me!

Neat! The oil is super. Just examine how it works with wet clutch! Think Algot usually have it … Not ducati direct hahaha

price here is oil 479+ shipping to me 79 + package for you 264 so total it will be around 820:- it will be about 82 € (for 1 liter)

Liguria is amazing! Have visited from Genoa to la Spezia! Love your country! :heart_eyes:

About the oil … I do not know how it usually is but my twizy never runs above 55 ° C with powerbox, (has also changed sevcon at Kenneth in Norway for powerbox to work) without measuring so it feels like twizy rolls more easily all mechanics go really soft. Important to realize that the oil is not an additive but really good oil in itself.

Great! I actually live on the other side of Liguria (the less fancy side), between Genova and Ventimiglia.

Just found out that my car has brass bearings in the gearbox so I don’t know whether it’s a good idea. Where did you read about the incompatibility of Omega 690 oil and yellow metals? I’ve written to Omega directly but I’m afraid they’ll just “advice” me to buy as much as I can and put it everywhere…

I read it on some forum for HD, where people have discussed the oil in older cars, apparently it is more sulfur in the oil and then it can dissolve yellow metals in the long term. Shall find that thread somewhere …

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I did some digging too and actually posed the question to omega and this was their reply:

“Our Omega 690 would only discolour a yellow metal surface and that would only happen if the gear oil temperature exceeded around 200°C which is very rare. It has been used in many gearboxes for many years without any problems. We have never heard of the oil eroding the metal surface, you should only get some discolouration”

They obviously mean degrees Fahrenheit which would translate into 93 degrees centigrade and this is in line which what I’ve read about other GL-5 oils with Sulfur additives in them. Still, I’m not to sure whether to put it in my 30 year old car though. Still gonna give it some thought…

So … Do they say so, it sure is. I’m going to look for forums, but maybe it was just speculation there. I will easily be happy about that haha.

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Can you give me a contact or link fo this? on PM of course.


Course. Just sent you a message

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Me too!

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I would like to buy also. I can not find anywhere. Found this forum looking for Omega 690.

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Me too…!

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Ok guys I’m just going to reply in general to avoid having to write everyone in private, I would suggest contacting the British distributor Sovereign Lubricants. That’s what I’ve done and they can definitely sell you as much as you like.