OVMS owners


(Kes) #1

Hi guys,

Any one got an OVMS? I’ve read the guide but still looks a little hard.

Any installation tips?

What is the main mods to?

What can I safely push the power to in % 120 or 110 or can I go all in at 130?


(osbrook) #2

Some French Twizy owners have damaged their battery with some tweaks so take care.
@Christian may be able to help.

(Christian) #3

Yes I have myself an OVMS and modified the performances of my Twizy, but I am not an expert and before anything, I would like to warn everybody as I do each time someone is interested with OVMS :
“If you follow information or proposals to unleash your Twizy, you do so entirely at your own risk and only your own responsibility is engaged as some changes can cause a dangerous malfunction of the vehicle, the disengagement of your insurance in case of accidents, loss of the warranty, tickets for non-compliance, abnormal wear .Any mechanical or electronic modifications made on your vehicle makes it unsuitable for use on open road without new approval by the competent authorities.”

I wrote some articles in my blog (in french) about what and where to buy OVMS and how to prepare it and install it on the Twizy.

About the power and the other parameters, my opinion is that we have to be carefull. So I followed what an italian Twizy owner gave me. This is for a Twizy 80

CFG TSMAP N [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
CFG TSMAP B 100 90 60 35
CFG RAMPS 30 45 20 40 40
CFG POWER 120 107 105
CFG SPEED 95 100

Cold in Sweden today

I very much hold the same opinion as @Christian and have also used the sensible approach of our Italian compatriot. Big respect to Christian’s reply, it sums up the whole benefits and risks with OVMS.

I am interested to know whether anyone has approached their insurance company with the benefit of the tracking the OVMS provides.

(Kes) #5

I’m sure that was due to over using the regen but I could be wrong.

Thanks, I’ll do some research to see what that all means because I only had a few lines to be sent to the twizy but thats great thank you.



If you are genuinely interested, you first you need to obtain the equipment from Fasttech.

Fasttech OVMS website link

You also need a Pickit programming tool to download suitable firmware. See this page.

zerocarbonworld link

You will also need a data only SIM card.

I can let you have a link to the best firmware I have found once you have obtained the equipment.

In answer to your questions:

Installation. Tips on zerocarbonworld blog.

Main mods allow you to change top speed, acceleration, regen and power delivery.

There is also the facility to change charge speed, but this will damage your battery. GPS tracking is available if you buy the GPS antenna.

If you have the desire to increase the power, the mapping allows for three settngs; torque, power low and powe high. I would recommend sticking to Christian’s suggestions, but this will be entirely at your own risk. It is not only the battery that is being overstressed; you are at risk of damaging your gearbox and your electric motor.

When purchasing from Fasttech, read the small print. Express delivery will cost you more and there is a likelihood your goods will be impounded (this happened to me). I reordered using standard delivery and received the goods much faster.

Hope this helps.


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(Kes) #7

Hi Pete,

Thanks, Yes I’ve already placed my order I’m just waiting for it to arrive. I can’t remember which shipping option I selected.

Which data sim card did you get? Will any one do?

Yes the link to the firmware will also be a lifesaver.

I only wanted to change power and top speed. I heard changing regen could damage the battery? But the delivery of power or throttle map would be good as my twizy maybe all are the same but you press the accelerator and it seems to be 1 second before it registers.

I think the power levels that Christian gave me are about right now too. I’ve got to change the gearbox oil as well for better quality stuff to from what I’ve read.

Thanks again guys, it’s a great help and this community is awesome.

(Johnny J) #8

Just changed the oil in mine, it’s actually a little bit less noisy now.
As for the OVMS, I have only changed the top speed and added a little bit more torque, I also believe that changing the regen is no good for the battery…

(Mike) #9

I would just like to say that I find the slowness of my twizy quite refreshing, and enjoy the challenge of eaking every mile I can out of the batteries. I have no wish to go any faster. I just like a trundle. But then, I do drive an inner city bus at 30 mph all the time, and if I fancy a blast, I have my Mercedes or my trikes. What fun!!

(Roel) #10

my CFG INFO says
SPEED 105 110 POWER 128 128 128 RECUP 35 50 RAMPS 200 100 -1 -1 -1

It nearly drives like a one pedal car. Perfect. Just be aware the brakelight will not flash when lifting the throttle.


Hi @Kes,

SIM card will depend on shopping around.

The OVMS User guide for the Tesla Roadster suggests average data usage will be below 2MB per month, so pick a package that suits. You may be better with a SIM from your existing mobile provider, as messages between your mobile and Twiz needs to be considered.

I am with Virginmobile, so my SIM for my Twiz is £5 per month. Speak to your provider and they may be able to better this.

With regard to the oil, a very worthwhile action, and shows you are doing the right research. It is worth reading the Tesla OVMS guide. This gives you additional advice.

OVMS User-guide Tesla Roadster

You will have read that RECUP can reduce the need to use the brakes as much, reducing brake wear. This needs sensible, moderate tweaks. But be careful with elevated RECUP in winter. This can be detrimental to the battery, as well a risk of wheel locking on slippy surfaces.

Welcome to our close but disparate group😀

(Roel) #12

Spot on!
Read https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System/raw/master/docs/OVMS_UserGuide_TeslaRoadster.pdf
And then read https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System/raw/master/docs/Renault-Twizy/OVMS-UserGuide-RenaultTwizy.pdf
The extraordinary work of German Twizy enthousiast Dexter cannot be praised enough!

(Kes) #13

Hi Pete,

Any chance you can send me the link for the firmware?

Also I’m slightly confused. I got the PICkit 3.5. So I install the drivers and program. I can’t find them online so I’ll need to plug in an optical drive to get it from the disc.

So then I unscrew the OVMS, add the sim and plug the PICkit and then flash the firmware and then connect it to the twizy? Then text the ovms number with the commands?

(Johnny J) #14

You need to power the OVMS to flash it, easiest to use whatever small/car 12V battery.
Here is the latest firmware: dexters-web.de/f/tw/OVMS-Twizy-3.5.4.zip

(Peter Szczesiak) #15

What oil is supposed to be in the gearbox its just that mine seems noisy

(Johnny J) #16

Gearbox Oil SAE 80W-90 GL5 EP (Extreme Pressure)
The manufacturer of the gearbox says it should be 0.8l, but I measured it when I emptied it and there was 1l inside. So I put close to 1l new oil back in.

It makes a little bit difference noise wise, not extremely much…

(Johnny J) #17

(Peter Szczesiak) #18

Same oil as we use at work so I will change it



Watch this video. It goes on a bit, but is very useful.

Pickit programming link

@Johnny_J suggests 3.5.4, I didn’t have much luck with this, but had greater success with 3.5.1. Here’s the link:

ovms 3.5.1

Follow a combination of the Tesla guide, the Twizy OVMS guide, the you tube guide and this link:


You should be on the way to success :grinning:.

Most of this is gained from the OVMS webpage ovms webpage in the “OVMS LINK” box. You will need to set up an OVMS account as well.

DM me if you need more info.


Useful Video from @osbrook regarding oil changing

oil change