OVMS owners


(Johnny J) #21

Actually I use an older firmware myself, just thought the later the better…



Can I also suggest one of these.

This allows you to keep your OBD socket available for its intended use and hide your OVMS gear under the dashboard. You will have to modify the opening in the bottom of the glove compartment with a Stanley knife to affect a fit.

Additionally, note that with the OVMS fitted, this will drain your 12 volt battery in two days if the car is not used.so unplug the OVMS if you don’t use the Twiz over the weekend, otherwise you may not be able to start it on the Monday.

(Kes) #23

Hmm how do I wire the car battery up to the OVMS? I don’t have any around so I may have to disconnect one from my car.

Thanks for the links guys a real help. I have ordered my GEO sim too. Thanks for that video I watched some of it the other day but I need to rewatch and take notes.

I have registered with OVMS, just need the sim to register the car to it.

I will also order that Y splitter too. It’s complicated but I’m starting to get my head around it.


I dId not have to do this, so cannot advise. Can you let me know what part in the process this is required? The Pickit, plugged into your computer with the USB lead correctly, is all the power you need as far as I can remember.

(Johnny J) #25

It was more than a year ago I did this, so my memory might trick me.
Could be that the flashing part doesn’t need the OVMS to be powered up, but I think I did it for the registration part and general testing.
Easier to do this before its installed in the car to be sure everything is working right.
Power supply is on 2 pins on the OBD contact, could use a 12V direct current power supply as well, just be sure you get plus and minus right.

(Kes) #26

I plugged it all in. Got the pickit 3. But I can’t get it to program? I can read and save my hex from the ovms but I can’t write the file to it. The 3.5.1 o 3.5.4 it just says something about address and then it fails. Hmm I’ll double check i’m doing everything right but it’s kinda annoying lol.

I also got my geosim today and topped it up so I’m really eager to get it to work,

Thanks for your help so far.



I live in the UK (your personal details do not indicate where you are).

I am a little busy tonight ( and similar to @Johnny_J) it is some time since programming mine, but remember having problems.

If it is alright with you, I will spark up my pc tomorrow morning and repeat he process. After that I should be able to give you a walkthrough.

Is this okay?

(Kes) #28

Hi Pete,

Yes I’m in the UK.

Thats more than I could ever ask for! Thanks so much.

(Johnny J) #29

Think I had some problems as well, but I can’t remember which or the solution. :smiley:


I have the Pickit2 rather than Pickit3. I had to update the firmware for this before programming the OVMS.

Is this something you may need to consider?

(Kes) #31

Hmm it said it updated the firmware for me on the pickit 3 when I plugged it in. I’m thinking about just ordering a pickit 2 as they seem to just work.


Sorry Kes, no pickit3 experience, so cannot advise. Anybody else out there?

(Roel) #33

It’s in German, but this is the How To.
Regards, Roel

(Kes) #34

I’m waiting on my pickit 2. If this doesn’t work I think I’ll sell it on :frowning:

(osbrook) #35

And when you get it working the IP address on the OVMS server has changed and will need to be set.

(Kes) #36


LOL well what a hassle that was!!! It took me an age to figure some things out which are probably simple for other people but I’m not that bright. My pickit2 came. Worked a charm and got 3.5.1 on with no problem. Verified and it’s all good.

So stick it in the twizy. STAT? SOC 0% not charging. Erm no it’s got 8% and it IS charging. STAT? Same. Sigh. Ok. Register it. Password, change server, server password, etc etc. STAT? 0%… Any one who watched chewing the fat knew I was going to lose it like that guy lol. Text STAT? again. Nothing. Ok well I’m busy so I’ll leave it. Finally SOC displayed and everything woohoo. FEATURE 14 2. Feature is active or whatever. OK so I start sending the commands like the power up and the ramp etc etc. I’m getting no reply for any of them. Maybe it doesn’t reply to these commands? So take it for a test drive. At first it felt faster but then I realised it wasn’t! Placebo. So it failed. GRRRRR!! Text it the command again and got an error back saying couldn’t log in. OMG! Ok so searching turns out I’m a dope and I need take the car off charge and also turn it ON but not on GO. Well no one told me that! Well it’s working but it’s only got a few% so the test drive is going to have to wait tomorrow.

It’s not hard but it’s hassle and you have to have some sort of knowledge about this stuff it’s not super hard but not super easy either. The Tesla manual is way more in depth than the twizy one. Also thanks to Christians blog posts which made it way clearer what I had to do and they where in French! Lastly a thank you to you guys here who helped me. Much appreciated and I’ll report back after my test drive.




Are you sorted now, or need more input from the forum?


(Kes) #38

No done Thank you. I took it for a test drive and it’s nippier. It’s not like remapping an ice but it’s an improvment. Top speed is so much better now.

For users in the future, read both the twizy and tesla manual. Information is missing from both of them which is in the other manual.

Don’t get a pickit 3.5. A 2 works better.

Remember when programming the car. Turn it ON but not on GO.


Good to hear you’re on the road with your OVMS.

I had suggested earlier in this blog that there was a need to use a combination of the two OVMS; sorry I wasn’t clearer.

Just to add clarity about programming; you first switch your ignition to the position where the battery bar lights up (the OVMS manual refers to this as PRE-OP). Then send each command separately. Occasionally the dash will beep and the service light may come on. You may also get confirmation SMS back to your phone. To save your settings to OVMS, use the CFG SAVE1 command. This is useful and allows reloading if your 12v battery flattens, as you can reload using the CFG LOAD1 command.

Please be warned that if you leave your OVMS plugged in and don’t use your Twiz for two days, your 12v battery will be dead.

If you are solely using SMS messaging, consider using the OVMS app. It provides a whole lot of other features, including tracking, motor temp and battery temp. The “home page” acts as a way of changing to three different mappings.


(Kes) #40

Hi Pete,

You was more than helpful don’t worry about it :smile:.

Thanks for the CFG save command thats a good tip. It gets used everyday but it’s handy knowing that just incase.

I’m having trouble getting my gprs working. It says it’s not connected but it’s got network so I need to look into that further. But yes having switchable maps would be really handy.