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Also sorry the twizy sometimes texts me power -1 +2884 Wh or Power - 0 +99Wh. What does this mean?


These are POWER reports. The OVMS sends these, normally at ignition off. The first is a Power total, the second looks like a journey usage.

I found messages these tiresome after a while due to getting two messages; one from the OVMS app, the other via SMS, at the end of each journey.

If you SMS the following message:


It will switch off the messages coming from the module.

If you have the app working on your phone, you will still receive power usage statistics at switch off.



Re: GPRS; I have DM you a couple of suggestions.


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For people intending to implement OVMS and deciding which airtime provider to use, the principle question you need to ask yourself is, which provider has good coverage where you normally leave your EV parked (home and work etc)? I started with GeoSim and found that despite their claim to be able to use all networks they did not work well with EE which has the best coverage at my home (in the countryside) and consequently with a GeoSim sim installed, my OVMS data connection was very flaky when my EV was at home. SMS worked OK, though. In the end I found a cheap £1/week sim only deal with 500Mb of data/month that was fine for my needs but if you intend interacting with your OVMS module for more than checking on the battery SOC once a day or so then you will probably need more.

Alternatively, you can opt to just not use the data side of things and just rely on SMS alone and you then have a much broader (and cheaper) sim tariff option list - but where’s the fun in that? MW

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I am using Vodafone on a M2M contract (Machine to Machine). It costs me £3 a month for 250Mb of data, SMS not included. Vodafone signal isn’t the greatest I know, however it is a lot cheaper than all the rest who no longer seem to offer M2M cards for purely GPRS

It should also be noted that there is an ongoing issue with C2DM alerts. Basically if you have an Android phone and using OVMS you will not get notifications. It is being worked on at the moment and will be an update once fixed.

As a side note I build my own version of OVMS with some minor mods, mainly for UK peeps (Couple of my mods already in the OVMS app on Android). Anyway wIth Trip alerts, is anyone else interested in getting the trip information with Miles as well as KM’s or instead of as I will submit my changes once the main developers have caught up.

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Is anyone using the OVMS twizy 3.6.0 Beta from Dexter and is it worth upgrading from 3.5.1?



Has anyone already installed the OVMS V3with the Twizy? I bougth one and made the respective configuration as shown in the user guide, but I can’t make it works perfectly. I downloaded the Android app and added the vehicle. In the app I can see the vehicle connected (green bars up corner) and when I send the command “vehicle status” I get “vehicle module loaded and running”, however the battery screen doesn’t show anything, only an empty battery and the command “stat” always answer “not charing…
Soc 0 (100%-0%)…” even when I plugged charger.

On the other hand, I was able to get the correct position (latitud,longitud) when sending the command “location satus”.

Do you know what can be happening? Why can’t I get info about battery and charging? Is it an issue with the module or something wrong with the app? I’m located in Colombia.

Thank you