Parking in London

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Congratulations on the new Job. Is there are other Twizy drivers in the area that you could approach the Car Park company with suggesting you could both share the same space?


How far is your journey each day? Where do you come from?

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I come in from Enfield.
Even if I shared the space its still £2000 a year.


Do you have a Twizy yet or are you still driving your g-whiz?

It may be that there isn’t a solution for you in that area. Frustrating I know, but a lot of the Source London points seem to be in ridiculously expensive NCP car parks which kind of defeats the purpose.

Have you seen any other electric cars in the area? It might be worth asking the owners of these what they do.

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I still have my g-wiz, but am ready to get a twizy now. I dont start the job until 3 months time so I really want to find a solution. The job is actually only 0.5 a mile from Islington border so I even tried looking there but still no luck.


Have you contacted this car park?

Their season tickets are £1600 per quarter, but you may be able to negotiate a cheaper rate for a small electric car.

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yep I called them yesterday and they wouldnt budge. even when i told them its really small and takes up hardly any space.


I find it very strange that these car parks all have charge points yet don’t offer any kind of discount for electric cars.

London is supposed to be supporting the adoption of electric cars, and the only people that will be using those charge points are commuters. Therefore you’d expect some sort of electric car season ticket.

The fact that they’re making it so expensive means those charge points will never be used, as anyone that can afford to park there can also afford a Ferrari/Aston Martin and will not be using an EV. I generalise, but you see my point.

I would get in touch with Boris Johnson on Twitter or something and ask him how he expects us all to afford these ridiculous parking prices, especially after he is the one that wanted to make London the EV capital of Europe!

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Thanks. i sent an email to to his office. I’ll also contact him on twitter. I’m also trying to see how far I can go with Islington council because my new job is only a 5 minute walk from their border.

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We normally have to be aware of which area requires what, so going accordingly helps us in a way currently on this point the overall rule of law is implemented which is quite good so yeah.

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I park my Twizy near Moorgate in an open lot I found on yourparkingspace for 100 pounds a month. My initial concern about safety has so far proven unfounded - the area is reasonably well lit and I reckon any potential vandal or thief would be apprehensive to be seen lingering around for too long as the Twizy attracts far more eyeballs than a standard car does. To be fair, I do have windows, and not the crappy ones from Renault. There’s no charge point nearby but with a daily round trip of 20 miles I dont need one. I do drive around with a 10 meter extension lead in tow after once running out of battery in the middle of town. With the last 1mph of juice I pulled up outside a Costa Coffee, bought the extension at a nearby hardware store, and asked Costa if they could charge my car for half an hour. They were happy to oblige and it was enough to get me home.

(Parking Enforcement) #32

If your using car park spaces in private car parks in london watch out for parking enforcement signs ( e.g.

a number of car parks are begining to state terms and conditions beyond the basic ‘while you charge’, £100 fines are always attractive to struggling operators!

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EVs are allowed to park free of charge at any parking bay in the City of Westminster. I have used St.James’s Square SW1 many times without receiving a parking ticket. There are two charge points in St.James’s Square and if you have a BP Chargemaster/Polar Plus Card charging is free.