Possible purchase - New Windscreen, Brakes & Insurance

(Max M4X WW) #1

Hi all,

I have wanted a Twizy for a while now and now have an opportunity to buy a friends that I have driven a lot and know the car well. The only problems are that it needs a new windscreen and brakes. The latter I can cope with (but which pads should I buy?) but I need to know the cost of a replacement windscreen and if a ‘normal’ insurer will cover it on the standard £70 excess? Has anyone had one replaced?

Also, what is a ‘good’ company to try for insurance? I know this is very driver and location specific but quotes still seem to be high (currently showing £359 on Confused with a weird company (Owners Club Insurance).

Thanks in advance.

(Max M4X WW) #2

Update, Owners Club Insurance is something to do with Adrian Flux and the price is now down to £289 as I didn’t realise my wife had been removed and she brings it down a bit. So I think this is sorted.

Just need to know about the windscreen now really. Thanks

(Phil Gardner) #3

I had the screen in my Twizy changed by Autoglass here in the UK - the first they’d done so they filmed it, but other than that all good. Standard UK comprehensive insurance should cover a windscreen replacement. Mine had a £75 excess.

(Max M4X WW) #4

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the reply, you may or may not remember meeting me (and the Twizy in question!) at Guildford Tyres last year (or the year before?). The Twizy is on trade insurance so the current owner is looking into the arrangements and hopefully he can just pay the excess before I take ownership.

I now have the car in my possession and have started sorting minor jobs like LED bulbs and replacement hazard switch. I have Borg & Beck brake pads ready to fit. Next on the list is 4 wheel alignment.

Looking forward to better weather, however I did ~100 miles in the car last weekend without issue.

(Phil Gardner) #5

I do indeed remember - and I also think we met at Mercedes-Benz World the other year as you or your friends/family were there for an event (I’m part of the Track Team). Hope the Twiz is still goes as well as the dyno plot suggested (if indeed I have the right car, but I remember the numberplate).

(Max M4X WW) #6

Slightly delayed reply - I don’t seem to get notifications from this forum.

It may well have been me or the friend I bought the car from at MBW. We did put the car on the rolling road!

I have finally had the windscreen changed am now looking at changing the colour from yellow to something else. The next modification will be having the steering wheel done like yours.