POWER Struts (80 Kgs) that easily lift doors WITH WINDOWS even in COLD WEATHER!

(Alex) #21

So far you are the least boring of the lot in here. You have dont more garage time than road time with your T. You remind me of my self.
The force is strong within you;)

pearl white in contrast to the black- orange body? are you sure? Sounds like a Cruela De Ville color scheme. Add aphoto on a photo editng software and fool around with that for starters;)

(Alex) #22

Martin here is an idea!
For for a 'Tender to i8" version.
Black white with shades of electic blue!!!

Awersome Mini me to the BMW

(Martin Lynch) #23

The only bit that is orange is the roof and the stripes like yours on the doors. Maybe it’s back to plan A. and paint them silver-grey. How do you take them off?

(Alex) #24

blow dryer and slow peeling. You can use a head gun but don’t go to close to the foil ans it shrinks and is harder to remove.
The warm air removes glue residue.
remaining glue can be wipe doff wiht “white spirit”. Wont harm the pain job.

(Martin Lynch) #25

No, I meant the actual side panels “hoops” that are on each side of the frame.

(Alex) #26

Unpop top centre cap and slowly work your self around forward.
Look for screws to remove

Keep a heater near by. The plastic hinges will brake in a cold room.
In a warm room they flex and unpop easier

(Roel) #27

…and use vaseline on all snap-parts before clicking them in. Next time they snap off uncomplicated.

(Paul Chapman) #28

Martin - where are you, may have some work for your fitter lol

(Martin Lynch) #29

Virginia Water in Surrey

(Roel) #30

Common gentlemen,this is not how the war was won! Believe me, the install is easier than you think. And if you are finished your manliness has got a huge boost. :grin:

(Paul Chapman) #31

Might need to tow the Twizy and pay your man a visit if the struts work well

(Martin Lynch) #32

No problem, be around Monday

(Martin Lynch) #33

New struts fitted, click here to see how to install, and the final product in operation. Thanks Alex for supply, Martin for fitting.

Removing Glove Boxes part One: here

Part Two: here

Part Three: here

Side by side comparison of old strut and new strut: here

(Paul Chapman) #34

Great videos Martin - how much do you charge to do this on mine!!

(Martin Lynch) #35

Speak to Martin - you need to buy the struts from Alex though. They move the doors so much faster!

Martin’s number is: 07846 123800

(Alex) #36

SWEET Job Martin.
Enjoy these lifters.

I already have the first PLUG AND PLAY remote door opener and alarm module ready;)

(Ambalana) #37

Alex hi there. Am I too late to order from you? Thanks.

(Alex) #38

Struts or the module?

(Ambalana) #39

Ah ok sorry. Both ideally. Thanks Alex.

(Alex) #40

Nope. There is still time for both. I can have a set ready this coming week;)