POWER Struts (80 Kgs) that easily lift doors WITH WINDOWS even in COLD WEATHER!

(Evmeerkat) #41

just been kindly directed to this thread. i think I’m caught up with it. but how much is it for the whole set, again, Alex?

(osbrook) #42

@evmeerkat - Just the Struts or other bits from Alex

(Alex) #43

It’s 170 euros complete alarm, sirene, doors popper and vibration sensor wired up.
87 euros for the struts and 15 euros shipping with tracking.

(Evmeerkat) #44

1 Set of Struts please.
im not sure how mechanic-wise i’d be fitting the rest of the kit, just yet.
i do want the remote door popper/alarm set. but not just yet.
one task at a time.

(Alex) #45

Well, it’s quite plug and play and once you have your gloveboxes out its wise to have the rest fitted with one go.

Now, I have 80 kilo struts and 100 kilo struts if you have Windows Installed
Do you want the doors just to pop open or raise them selves with widows all the way?
Price is the same

(Evmeerkat) #46

Windows are on on and off basis. So question would be how fast, even “violent” lol does it prop the doors up with the 100kg strut.

I gonna have a look through instructions on fitting the rest of the gear, as you mentioned. Indeed it would make sense to deal with this in one go.

Let me watch more YouTube :slight_smile:

(Alex) #47

HThe effect of popping doors is more of a help to avoid reaching in over the window to open the door.

Unless you are looking to impress the public and have em lift all the way.

I have the 100s installed. See my video (Twizy funk) how the pop up.

I have strengthened my stopping rubbers by pushing a fuel line piece through the hole of the rubber. Roel’s brilliant idea!!!

Remember, the higher the days temperature the stronger they get.

(Alex) #48


The door opening system without the alarm system is at 130€…

So for just 40€ difference i think buying a complete alarm is much wiser;)

(Evmeerkat) #49

Good call.
Here is my video of doors… Not opening

Anywhoo, will drop it off at Renault to see what they say/fix/excuse themselves from, so I can move on

Fair plan. Let me know how we’d transact. DM me details.

Meanwhile, I’m dropping off twizy this Friday.

(Martin Lynch) #50

They are very slow. You cut the video off as you were about to say what the temperature was? I would buy a pair of Struts from Alex - they are so much better than the standard ones anyway.

(Roel) #51

Ditto, what Martin says.

(Evmeerkat) #52

Alright lads.
Dropped it off.
To be looked at early next week. Will keep you posted

(Evmeerkat) #53

Ps, my latest video of the door “status” this morning…

Really rubbish. Won’t go up at all.

(askho) #54

When that happened to my off side door after the 2nd year I told the dealer when it was in for service, the dealer changed both doors “springs” for me under warranty. How old is your Twizy? Worth a try if it is still under warranty.

(Evmeerkat) #55

Wow. Fills me with hope.
But considering the first time round they fobbed me off, I’m concerned nonetheless.

Now I have aplenty vids-proof for them to see.
So even if it’s held in a Luke warm indoor garage - I have examples.
Sod’s law, it’s warmer today, and these doors “seem” to work better now. Dammit.

Pls Renault offers 4 year warranty (twizy and otherwise) on their cars.
Mine is coming up to be 4 years old, this summer.

(osbrook) #56

All UK Twizys are still under 4 years old. May/June 2016 when the first ones are not under warranty. I was surprised to hear they fix the door struts I’ll see what happens to @Evmeerkat.

(askho) #57

I have just checked the service invoice. They called it spring loaded hinge needed and the invoice price was £293.62. Didn’t have to pay because it was done under warranty.
By the way, mine was registered in April

(Martin Lynch) #58

How mad is that? A PAIR of much beefier struts from Alex (at top of thread or below now!) cost £68 for both and my fitter would charge £50 to fit, total £118!

(Alex) #59

I’d thought its near the Greek dealership price. They named 98 euros a piece. That is when I started cursing the market of a different make. That’s a crazy price for a set of struts. If you’d get the shocks exchanged would be much cheap I bet. Shock absorbers are at 49 euros listing price.

What I understand, is that renault has installed those trust for an almost zero weight on the doors and not lift them up.

I have seen brand new twizys and nissans that the doors are just as lazy.

(askho) #60

I presume that price included labour.