POWER Struts (80 Kgs) that easily lift doors WITH WINDOWS even in COLD WEATHER!

(Alex) #61

Oh they’re pregnant? Ok then I respect that!

(Evmeerkat) #62

Ok. Update: just got a call from
Renault. They say they replaced the struts and it’s ready to collect. Wow. Gonna go pick it up and see what’s what

(askho) #63

Good, that’s a result !! Under warranty, I presume.:relaxed:

(Alex) #64

Yes, I’d like to see wha brand new struts work like… Not much different from your previous ones I am afraid, but I do hope you avoid any extra costs. :wink:

(Evmeerkat) #65

Made some videos but came out rubbish. Will do take two tomorrow morning and upload.

Meanwhile, here is some snap of my Renault work summary

All under 4-year Renault warranty, twizy or otherwise.

(Alex) #66

What are check straps?

(Evmeerkat) #67

Customer service was unable to answer any of this. She merely re-read the summary for me again. Bless her.

(Evmeerkat) #68

She actually called to tell my that my “doors have been replaced”… To my amusement.

(Evmeerkat) #69

Ok, post twizy door strut replacement - quality check - Video, shot this morning

(Alex) #70

that IS NOT BAD!!! A warmer weather will help for sure, but not bad.

(Evmeerkat) #71

Like i said too, not “Awesome” but not bad… indeed you’re right about warmer weather.
i think its +4c - +6c this morning.
Im just glad its a freebie to start with. as it should be.

(askho) #72

Mine was like that after they replaced the spring loaded door hinge. But after a while (in my case, just about a year) they started to slow down again. But as you said it was done under warranty so we couldn’t complain.

(Martin Lynch) #73

And all they need to do is fit heavier duty ones as an upgrade from Renault and sort the job once and for all. Another example of lack of improvement for the Twizy build.

(Alex) #74

They are aware how bloody much of a joke their make is and they avoid any heavy duty parts… That may override the life of the rest of the car!

(Martin Lynch) #75

Agreed, I’ve never owned a Renault before and never intend to. They got me on this one only because none of the other manufacturers couldn’t see the use of such a vehicle. So for that and that only, Renault I applaud you!

(Alex) #76

Wow!!! I need a lot of alcohol to say something like that! You have a big heart Martin! Honestly!!

(Martin Lynch) #77

Okay, applaud maybe too stronger word.

(Roel) #78

Another possibility is that Martin has indeed sipped on some booze already :sunglasses:

Twizy door suddenly too heavy to open
(Alex) #79

yeah!! he surely had a lotta luv for that hadicap stroller! hahahah

(Alex) #80

Next batch AVAILABLE again.
anyone wants some let me know