POWER Struts (80 Kgs) that easily lift doors WITH WINDOWS even in COLD WEATHER!

(Alex) #81

installed them on my twizy .
works great with the new generation struts

(Alex) #82

Managed to find a leftover stock at a retailer in Greece of my producer.

Two more sets available.




are these 80 or 100 kg? what is the price?



(Alex) #84

These are 80kg at 115 euros a set shipped
I can also get you 100kg for 130 euros


Won’t the 100kg be better if I want to put Lexan windows on?

(Alex) #86

If you are a brave lad the 100s will be way better.
I had them on mine for a few months. Without windows it shoots the door up. You need to hold it when opening.
With windows it will be softer. But again summer and winter is always different. Under -5 degrees almost all struts become weak as hell!


I think Renault has put better struts in on the new version.
On the carshow in Brussels there was a Twizy with doors that really jumped up.
I didn’t really like it. It should be slower. But now they just don’t get up.
The 80kg struts can get doors up with windows of 1.5kg?


Hi Alex,

Are the struts in the video the 80kg?
I like the speed of the way they open.
With windows it would be the same?
Or with windows always choose 100kg?



(Alex) #89

Depends on the widow weight and the weather temperature.
It will surely NOT be the same as you see on my video.
That was without windows and at 27 Degrees.

Can’t have it all when you raise the weight of the door by almost double!



I’ll take the 100s then.
1 set please.





I won’t put in new struts after all. I put on the windows today.
They are nice, but a bit off a fuss. I have to be quite careful with them,
so strong struts and shooting up doors are out off the picture.

Sorry, Bert.

(Alex) #92

got a new batch!

86GBP per set shipped!!!
any takers?

Email and paypal [email protected]

(Craig D'alton) #93

Have you 100kg sets still or just the 80kg?

(Alex) #94

I still have a few 80s now but I’ll have 100s mid august again.

the 100s are FAST!!! :slight_smile:

(Frank Demes) #95

Does the speed has something to do with the force?!?

Shouldn´t the dampening be a Seperate feature?

800N er 1000N did you ask if the could adjust the speed the open.
Do the have a dynamic dampening with a slow down at the end?

(Alex) #96

We have also discussed this over in the German forum together if you remember.

The dampening is done by the spring. The pushing by the hydraulic pressure. The faster the hydraulic pressure the less the dampening.

These struts were not made for EXACT Twizy door use or twizy door with window and to cope with 40 degrees temperature differences, (from 30 to -10 Celsius use).

Thats why Renault used a mediocre strut to keep the approximate opening to just barely popping off the lock.

Then again Renault charges TWICE as much for those.

(Frank Demes) #97

I can tell you that´s not how the original, and most of the automotive products I know, function.


The power to open is set by the pressure of the gas and the dampening is done by the oil (sometimes also pneumatic).(the oil is also a sealant)
Adjust the viscosity of the oil or the valve diameter and you adjust the dampening. Accordingly to the pressure.

you can even dynamically adjust the force that will slow down the door. some do this by a groove with changing width or depth. This is also done in the original struts. after 70mm of the 110mm range the door slows down.

BTW: One of the problems with the original struts is, that they are horizontally installed.
I had one of the originals testet (2 yeras old) the had only 95% left of the 690N they were rated for.

Because the oil can´t do the job as a sealant the strut looses the gas pressure much faster than normally.

(Cosimo Terzani) #98

Hello! do you have a pair of 80 Kg available? If I read well 100 Kg are a little too fast?


Hi, In preparing a twixy for Xmas for my girlfriend , I need your power struts, please get in contact. :slight_smile:


Hi Alex, please send me the tracking number