POWER Struts (80 Kgs) that easily lift doors WITH WINDOWS even in COLD WEATHER!


These Twizyon struts are without dynamic damping? Are they still sold?

(Alex) #103

I’ll have 1000n ones in a few weeks.
I only have 800n now and they are not as good.

(Alex) #104

Only 10 pairs of 1000N struts will be available starting next week.
Please reserve your pair now per PM.
after that no more for at least 8 months.

(Frank Demes) #105

Have you fixed the probelms with length?

Goldi from the german board said the new 1000N he got last week are too long?(10mm !)
He had to shorten them to the length of the original Renaults and cut a new thread.

Or is this why you only have 10 pairs? :wink:

(Alex) #106

That’s impossible!!
Firstly I have not sent out any struts for over 4 months!
So he can’t have gotten a set from me.!!

Plus mine are especially made at Renault length. Even a Millimeter shorter not to press excessively on the joint.

After all, over 40 Twizy users have them installed and are super excited;)

I wonder where he bought them from.
I see on eBay there is another seller with counterfeit struts.

Thank you so much for your info!!

Btw, the manufacturer could only spare 20 pcs for me as he had another oder and I can not always pay such large amounts upfront just to have a stock for everyone’s convenience :wink:

(Frank Demes) #107

Maybe you should post your eBay name here, so no one gets confused?

(Edd) #108

I am in for a pair. Thank you!! Give me price with shipping to Madrid SPAIN please.

(Edd) #109

I’m also interested in orings and pistons :wink:

(Alex) #110

You are right!!

People, my eBay is alexakos…
It’s more expensive due to fees and a little extra (12€) I like make there!!

The price here is net!!!

(Frank Demes) #111

Hello Alex,

Goldi has contacted me.

He said , he got them direct from you a while ago (via PM contact).

Since he said he measured 322mm in length, I wasn´t shure anymore what the right length was.

So I looked for the struts that were gathering dust somewhere here :wink:

The length from eye to eye should be 309-311mm and they shorten about 120mm to 115mm.

Can you confirm that for your 1000N struts? Pictures?

You have sold your twizy and have no reference at the moment, right?

Here some pictures from the original Renault and a stabilus prototype.

(Alex) #112

Hi Frank,
This is great help with your images thank you!

I read the thread, but Goldie has not provided any images.
One centimeter is too much of a difference… he said he can’t install them? I know it’s a tought job :wink:
How did over 90 other Twizy owners who use the 800N and 1000N of mine?

My question is why did he not contact me??? ( I will PN him tomorrow for more details)
I could have offered him a solution.
I am afraid that maybe his set was mistakenly to long from the manufacturer? I don’t measure each single strut before I send them .

Another member received a “flat strut” and I replaced it immediately and received a followed replacement from the manufacturer.

As soon as I receive the new batch I will measure again and compare with your photos.

I still have my twizy but not the old struts. :blush:

Thank you again for brining this to my attention!!!

Anybody else facing difficulties with the struts please let me know! My aim is to help fellow Twizy owners with a problem. Not create one more. :wink:

Frank, were yours too long as well?

(Frank Demes) #113

Maybe you should measure them before you send them out? :slight_smile: (little QA can´t hurt)

It´s about 30 seconds for you (for the whole batch) or hours to days for the buyer to figure out what´s wrong :wink:
(and maybe even damage the twizy in the process :frowning: )

I never bought any struts from you.

The struts I use have been made by spec off the original Renault and some testing and measuring with a view prototypes by me.

(BTW:I can tell you the 1mm shortening does nothing for the Twizy :wink: But if you go too short the weight of the window will probably damage the hinge, cause the door does not rest on the rubber dampener anymore)

Hope you can figure this out :wink:

(Alex) #114

Lovely frank.
Terrific for you!
Thank you again for your help.
Like I said. Zero claims from 90 users, didn’t make me think of measuring each one.
Toilet paper producers don’t test each roll either :stuck_out_tongue:

If there is a problem, the client should claim the issue and the manufacturer will take full responsibility. :slight_smile:

Like wise I stand behind each Twizy owner and am always ready to forward the claim to the manufacturer!

Take care Frank! :slight_smile:

(Frank Demes) #115

Is it really to hard to measure one of every batch and compare it optically to the others (20-100) of the batch when you unpack them? :worried:

90 users of a dozen diffrent batches and strenghts.

Most of them without a clue what the right measuremnts are.

A lot just buy them and plan to install them later on.

So no feedback from the others in the last batch? Or was Goldi an out of the order shippment?

BTW: 110-105mm is the shortest the traveling way should get.
Otherwise you can‘t close the door correctly and by doing it nontheless again you put stress on the hinge while compressing the strut and levering it down while pressing the door into the lock.

(Something Goldi had to struggle with after shortening the struts) Most of the users propably wont notice this at first.

Here how it looks if you close/open the door.
Mind the gap in front of the strut.
That´s where you are pressing against and bend the ballhead.
BTW: That what I ment with making it to short. The strut will not make it over the top/hump when openeing and the door will rest on the mechanics instead of the rubber bumper.(removed in the video)

You had a comparisant in one of your posts with this picture.

Looks very close to 110-105mm!

So maybe some measuring would be appropriate :wink:

(Alex) #116

Thank you kindly for your help. :slight_smile:

Anybody has installation issues, feel free to contact me.
I will support you anytime.

(Frank Demes) #117

Maybe you contact Goldi from your side and offer him a replacement or a reimbursement for his time.
Would be a nice move form you since you used the german board to sell to the community and do not read the thread you created to promote your product over there :wink:

And I would like if you do some QA in the future to prevent such things from happening again.

Wouldn’t be nice when the first thing , someone remembers when he has a defect door, that he bought the struts on the german board/EVOwners.

all the best! :wink:

(Alex) #118

I need to set the records straight here for everyone:

  • I am not a dealer or a shop
  • This is not my job, i don’t make a living off it
  • I don’t earn ONE CENT by providing these for fellow owners in the forum
  • I make 12 € when offer remainder struts over eBay
  • Finally, THIS IS THE LAST TIME I AM GETTING MY SELF INTO THIS!!! I don’t have the time or money to pre-finance this anymore.

I had several PMs asking for struts over the past months. So I made the effort to take 1200€ out of my account to have 10 sets made for my fellow owners. I actually took this amount out of my household income! I don’t make much… that amount is considerable…

Then I get replies like, make a better offer etc
If you found a cheaper alternative, buy it there!! I don’t care! Just don’t ask for a set from me to begin with.

If I was a dealer and I ordered 1000pcs instead of 20, maybe my price would probably also be 20€ a piece.

Here are alternative sources to buy REAL CHEAP:
Member @nakos says: from aliexpress $4 each ($40 shipped)
Member @DaniJ says: from fjedre.dk 850N for just 30€ a piece (length doesn’t match however at 270mm)

Start scouting the internet. You will find something cheap, yet on a trial and error basis.

@Grossstadtfahrer, it’s obvious you don’t like me, you tried real hard to make me look bad (and the struts) in here. You being the admin of the German twizy forum, I am surprised you haven’t blocked my account there yet.
I spoke to Goldie, he had no issue to begin with, and I did compensate him anyway for the trouble he whent through. Turns out he missed to see the metal extender which you can unscrew. When he realized it, it was too late. He had already cut off 10mm :stuck_out_tongue: My new batch still measures 308mm ballpoint Centre to Centre. Just like the last ones and the 60 sets before that. So no case here…

8 pairs still available guys. After that, you are on your own… sorry

Over and OUT for good!

(DaniJ) #119

Hi Alex

I appreciate your offer of sharing your know-how and offer of supplying parts for our Twizy.
I appreciate you clarify you make no money on the stuff you sell.
As I mention in my message to you I’d be happy to support you in continueing your Twizy-expertice, as I appreciate all you have shared.
And its true I found it surprising the strouts you offer are 50% more costly than those available locally.
I see your valid point how you have tested those you sell, thats a valuable piece of info.
Buying stuff ahead is always risky.
I hope you can see and enjoy all the members you helped out.
I appreciate the photos and inputs you shared over time, its been great to follow and great learning of the Twizy.
Thank you Alex.
I mourne hearing your upset, and wish you well.

(Frank Demes) #120

Goldi just confirmed what you wrote.
Thank you for handeling the issue at last.

What I still don‘t understand, why sending it with the extension at all and without any hint or short notice how to handle the strut.

But this has been resolved now.

OK. lets try to unravel your questions/statements you directet at me.

This could have been a very short segment of this thread.

Me asking a question that was directet at you in the german forum, and then pointing it out to you with a link.

This issue then escalated in a very strange way!

Why you did not recognise a „customer“ even after he contacted you with his Username via our PM system when he „orderd“ the struts, is beyond me.

That behaviour and the suspicion that you yourself do not know what you are selling , led me to the posts I made.

I deemed it just fair that all were on the same page how the struts should be dimensioned , to avoid any problems for those who hqvent got this information.

Just to remind you. You yourselve have mentioned that you send Goldi a strut that was too long!!!

Someone not that adept in mechanics could have damaged the hinges by trying to force it.

Regarding the question why I havent blocked you.
I do not hold any grudge against you personally.

I find your contribution to the our communty with the threads where you tune your twizy quite fun and helpful.

I do not have anything against selling goods on my forum.

Even when you sell them for profit.
Even better when these product a born out of necessity like the struts.

What I don‘t like is that you start to use a forum as a sales platform and lack the rigour when selling to your peers.

BTW: Unlucky choice of words.

(Martin Lynch) #121

I have bought many Twizy parts from Alexakos and they have all been 100%. They arrived quickly and his help after sale was excellent. I would rather pay a little more and know they are going to fit than take the risk.

Pity you have sold your Twizy though! I still have mine!